The most iconic celebrities of the 2000s that will never go out of style

iconic celebrities of the 2000s


    There is nothing better than a good compilation that includes everything from actresses to singers, passing through models and ‘celebrities’ in general that did not stop haunting our minds in the 2000s. The ‘Y2K’ trend has crept into our lives And what better way to stay in that line than by remembering those celebrities who became icons (whether in fashion, the catwalks or because of the occasional viral moment) and who, today, are positioned as ‘celebs’. ‘ with more pull of the moment. And it’s not that we say it, but the number of ‘followers’ they have on their social media accounts and the brands that are still betting on them.

    Who does not remember the Paris Hilton early 2000s with her faithful friend (and assistant), Kim Kardashian going to every runway possible? have you forgotten how Victoria Beckham became the most diva and ‘fashionable’ ‘spice’? Even Mariah Carey had one of her most ‘glowing’ moments in this time that we are not able to overcome. Does anyone give more? Well yes, we bring you all those names that you may have forgotten (just for a second) so that you have at hand when you need to make a reference in your group of friends and crown yourself as a good lover of ‘Y2K’.

    Save this list as a cheat sheet for your most ‘gossip’ moments when you need that name or surname that sometimes gets stuck and we are unable to remember. It’s your time to shine, COSMO Girl!

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Without a doubt, if we talk about iconic queens, Paris tops the list (whatever year it is). The ‘looks’ of her with ‘barbie core’ of tiaras, pink dresses or bags with ‘weird’ printsin addition to her numerous ‘celeb’ friendships, make her our number #1.

Lindsay Lohan is the queen who opted to give everything (literally) both in movies, in press conferences and even in numerous parties she attended with her friends -also ‘celebs’-, among which are Paris Hilton or Britney Spears (and her mythical photo in the car, yes). If there was anyone who was a hit in the 2000s, it was Lindsay. We love!

This photo is a dream come true. Just like Britney was throughout the ‘Y2K’ era. His fame in music (‘Oops, I did it again!’, among his great songs) and her appearances at all kinds of events made her a two-thousander ‘celeb’. Fans? Yes, why?

How are we going to make a list of ‘celebs’ from the 2000s and not include our ’emo’ diva? Avril Lavigne was crowned (and there hasn’t been anyone to unseat him) as the creator of the ‘pop meets punk’ movement with great songs like ‘Complicated’. Thank you for the tears you have given us!

The Paris Hilton Bestie could not be missing from this list of ‘celebs’ from the 2000s. She starred with her friend in the ‘reality show’ called ‘The Simple Life’. Quite a two thousand spectacle.

Need I say something about the girl of a thousand catwalks? No, right? Kate Moss is -and was- gold. ✨

Amanda Bynes She is one of the actresses in all those romantic comedies that we can’t get out of our heads and that, after great success, disappeared from the media spotlight. If we think back to the 2000s, her face comes to mind.

Angelina Jolie is an icon of the 2000s and this photo is proof of that. Its impressive beauty managed to capture the eyes of all the ‘flashes’. WE LOVE IT!

After the success of ‘Pretty Woman’, Julia Roberts’ career started to get bigger and bigger. From her 2000s stage, we definitely stayed with ‘Runaway Bride’ and ‘Notting Hill’. ICONIC, if you ask us!

Mariah Carey is that ideal girl that never goes out of style and less if we start to remember its past two thousand years old. With perfect skin and a shinny blonde‘, undoubtedly marked a point in the world of fashion and music (in 2005 he released his hit ‘we belong together’). Iconic is little!

Another of the models that became the obsession of all the brands of the moment, was the iconic (and precious) Gisele Bundchen.

Jlo did take the catwalks and movie theaters by storm in the 2000s, with movies like ‘The wedding planner‘ and songs like ‘let’s get loud‘ (a great classic that makes us dance). Also, when she sets foot on a red carpet, it is to leave everyone with their mouths open.

‘Beautiful’, in addition to qualifying Christina’s beauty, represents one of the hits with which we fell in love with the actress of ‘Burlesque’. Xtina (her name in networks) cannot be missing from the list.

Our Spanish Cameron Díaz, the comedian and presenter, patricia count, began to fall in love with his charm and his undeniable attractiveness, at the beginning of the 2000s. Since then, It has not stopped giving us viral moments. We love!

And if we talk about Patricia Conde, it is undoubtedly because one of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, Cameron Diaz it’s also going to appear on our ‘iconic’ 2000s list. His romantic comedies are with us until today and they will not stop doing it:Has anyone not seen ‘Something About Mary’ or ‘The Sweetest Thing’?

UPA DANCE‘ undoubtedly marked a turning point in our lives. And, of course, if we think of someone from the music group, the image of Beatriz Luengo will come to mind. this pose and ‘outfit’ with low-waist pants (‘Y2K’ total), prove it.

Still as one of the members of the iconic musical trio, ‘Destiny’s Child’, Beyoncé began to be one of the artists with the most ‘pull’. Her outfits of hers at that time? GREAT!

The most international actress and stole Almodóvar’s heart She’s one of our 2000s girls. The reason? Very easy. The performance of her in ‘Everything about my mother‘ Y ‘Return‘ (and their respective red carpets) was exquisite.

Is ‘Sex and the City’ the best of our ‘wish-lists’? Obviously yes. And, if we think of iconic people on her show (sorry to her three co-stars) it’s Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore some ‘looks’ as impressive as the one in the photo at a time when the ‘cool’ was mixed with the ‘weird’. We love Carrie Bradshaw!

¿’Physics or chemistry‘ is one of the series of our adolescence? Obviously yes. and with this ‘look’ so two thousandwe could not miss the opportunity to include Angy Fernández in this 2000s girls club.

This girl with such a cute and clean face is our ‘Marvel’ girl, Scarlett Johansson, as charismatic as she is talented and who began to see fame in the early 2000s. We never tire of seeing it!

‘Friends’ is not only and will be one of the best ‘sitcoms’ that has ever existed; also gave us iconic actresses like Jennifer Aniston, who did not miss the opportunity to dazzle on the different red carpets. A yes!

Is there anything in this world more ‘Y2K’ than the movie ‘Bad Girls’? We can give you a hundred and one reasons why it is. And if we talk about the quintessential movie of the 2000s (2004 to be exact), Rachel McAdams becomes the protagonist. It must also be said that in that same year she also premiered ‘Noa’s diary’. Two for two for McAdams!

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