The natural Lucero confesses if he has any dreams left to fulfill at 53

There is no doubt that Lucero is one of the most important Mexican artists internationally, since throughout her artistic career she has managed to consolidate herself as one of the public’s favorites, and it is not for less, taking into account that she has known captivate the hearts of all with his talent and charismatic personality.

It is no secret to anyone that the famous singer He has had the opportunity to work in all kinds of areas in the entertainment industry during his 42-year career, however, his followers questioned him if he still had any dreams to fulfill at 53 years of age.

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Thanks to all the love that her fans have given her since the beginning of her career, the renowned actress usually keeps in touch with them through her social networks, which is why she decided to open her own YouTube channel to reveal all kinds of anecdotes and experiences, where he has no problem being honest and opening his heart.

It was through her section “Mucho que contar” where the “America’s Girlfriend” was encouraged to respond to her followers and completely natural, she confessed If you have any dreams left to come true, making it clear that even though he thinks he has achieved each of his goals, he still has some pending dreams, such as keep releasing unreleased songs.

“I always think that I have achieved almost all my dreams, nor do I mean by this that I no longer have anything to do, that I no longer have any pending, that everything turned out perfectly and bye,” explained Mijares’ ex-wife through her YouTube channel, in which he is nothing short of exceeding 600,000 subscribers.

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“But the truth is that I always have illusions, desire, new dreams and challenges and things to do. I have been able to do theater, cinema, television, the soap operas that I love so much I have been able to sing a little of all genres, all the ones I like, with the mariachi, the Sinaloan band, the Mexican regional and pop, the romantic, rhythmic ballad , I have been able to drive and do many things in my life, “he added.

“I don’t know if I have any pending, but I do believe that every day there is something new to do and I feel in one of the best moments of my life because I am healthy, happy, with a certain youth, because that also has to do with the attitude and I like to see when I release unpublished, new songs”, he concluded.

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