the new LGTBIQ + vampire series that will arrive very soon on Netflix – Nueva Mujer

The vampire theme has returned. Although we thought we had left it behind with Twilight and the Vampire Chronicles, this subgenre of fiction will always have fans. And that is why Netflix’s new bet brings back the undead. “the first death” (‘First Kill‘) will be Netflix’s new youth fiction series and will be based on the short story by Victoria E. Schwab for the anthology “Vampires never get old: tales with fresh bite”.

The story takes place in a universe of vampires and monster hunters, and will feature a leading romance between two women. Also the popular actress emma robertsJulia’s niece, is the executive producer.

What will ‘First Kill’ be about?

This is the official synopsis of the platform tells us: “The time has come for the adolescent Juliet takes his first victim so he can claim his place in a powerful family of vampires, but he sets his sights on calliope, the new girl in town who, to her surprise, is a vampire slayer from a family of renowned exterminators. Each will discover that annihilating the other will not be as easy as it will be to fall for their respective love tricks.

The cast is headed by Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis in the leading roles of the vampire drama that will be divided into eight episodes. The rest of the cast is made up Elizabeth Mitchell, Will Swenson, Gracie Dzienny, Dylan McNamara, Aubin Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Dominic Goodman, Phillip Mullings Jr... On the other hand, the producer and screenwriter is Felicia D Hendersonwho also served as showrunner.

When does “The first death” (First Kill) premiere?

Netflix has already confirmed that fantasy and romance production will be available on its platform from June 10th for everyone, releasing the official poster along with some photographs that anticipate what will be seen on screens, since there is still no trailer or official preview.