The new presenter of ‘Day by Day’ who does not share a set, but does share a screen with Carolina Cruz

In the recent broadcasts of the morning program of Caracol Television, Day to day, a new face has been showing itself to viewers. It is about Violeta González, a renowned woman who presents in Valle del Cauca and, this time, although she is not on the set of the magazine, she does appear on the screen as a correspondent from Cali.

Although she does not work from the channel’s studios in Bogotá, the young presenter is drawing sighs for her way of connecting with people. In this case, Violeta is in charge of linking the public from the Sky Branch and summon them to carry out a series of challenges that have to do with the theme of the program The challenge.

González’s career in front of the audiovisual cameras did not begin with his appearance on Caracol, since he also communicates his ideas and shares his voice in a Telepacífico format.

through the program up to date with everythingthe caleña addresses issues in the aforementioned regional channel that usually try to modernity, healthy life, daily living, trends, among others.

Even on her official Instagram profile, the woman who has become a trend these days has photos on recording sets that are shared with her more than 33,000 followers.

Similarly, Violeta uploads snapshots of her daily life. A couple of weeks ago she was in the outskirts of Bogotá, specifically at the popular Estéreo Pícnic music festival.

Being in charge of reporting from her hometown, Cali, Violeta González is currently covering the work of correspondent Ana Giraldo, who is on vacation.

Carolina Cruz, with stick in hand, scared her companions from ‘Day by day’

On June 12, the presenter turned 43, so days before, she was celebrated on the show Day to day for all his colleagues, production team and guests.

There they brought him a piñata that he had to break blindfolded. However, Carolina couldn’t find her and, stick in hand, she started walking around the set ‘threatening’ to hit whoever got in her way. It was Carlos Calero’s turn to go help her so that the valluna would not cause an accident and could break the piñata, which in the end was destroyed. The fact was recorded between laughter and shouts.

In the end, Carolina Soto was the big winner with everything the piñata had inside and argued that she was collecting everything to give to her children. Even her cameramen demanded that she “leave something” for the others.

Carolina Cruz, days before her birthday, spoke with SEMANA, after two months of having communicated her separation from Lincoln Palomeque. He spoke about the foundation he recently launched and how the entire process he has lived with Salvador, his youngest son, changed his life.

The model, in the same way, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to highlight the work that Lincoln Palomeque has done as a father and highlighted all the support he has given him in recent months. “Faith has been absolutely everything. I knew that Salvador would be fine at some point. The inspiration for this foundation came from living that experience with my son from ‘comfort’ and having what I need, but also from the same anguish that any mother experiences, “he said.

Then Cruz added: “Fortunately, I was never alone. Lincoln has always been a very present dad, even if we are not together as a couple. I was always accompanied by my mom. If the mother is fine, the child is fine.

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