The old photo with which Latin Lover turned on the networks

Latin Lover surprised his followers (Photo: Instagram/@victor_latinlover)
Latin Lover surprised his followers (Photo: Instagram/@victor_latinlover)

Victor Manuel Resendez Latin Lover, has stood out throughout his career, not only for his spectacular dance steps, but also for his well-worked body.

And this time, the reality show judge The stars dance on todayrecalled his past with an old photograph that caused more than a sigh in Internet users.

It was through your account Instagram where the former Monterrey fighter uploaded a photograph from a few years ago when he was modeling. Thus, he can be seen posing in a tight yellow shorts, while showing off all his well-defined muscles.

The artist commented that back then he had to undergo rigorous physical training to reach the level he was at.

I leave you with a memory from April 1998 when I won the Mr. UAT in Tampico Madero. I was 32 years old and it cost me a lot of sacrifice, discipline, training and a lot of willpower to endure the diet and reach that physical state that by that age is already a veteran, “he wrote.

Likewise, he remarked that the years have left him with several learnings and that, currently, he continues to strive day by day to live according to his goals and ideals.

Latin Lover shared a young photo (Photo: IG @victor_latinlover)
Latin Lover shared a young photo (Photo: IG @victor_latinlover)

“Today I realize that age is just a number, I keep training my possibilities and always looking for my best version. You want it then you get it. Now 54 years old and we continue in this great lifestyle that I chose since I was 19 years old”, placed Latin Lover.

The publication, which currently has 3,525 likes, was quickly commented on by users of this social network, who they congratulated the famous for being so disciplined through the years.

showr,” he wrote. Maribel Guardiawhile another Internet user said that the day the photo was taken, he witnessed the victory of Latin Lover.

“I was there that day, I was taking judo classes and I remember very well that even that day you had itchy eyes, maybe you didn’t feel very well and yet you won!!!! Congratulations and it’s good that you continue to maintain that discipline”, wrote @chirinos_alberto, who received a comment from the fighter who sent him a hug.

It is worth mentioning that recently Latin Lover surprised his fans by announcing that is preparing a style show Only for women.

Latin Lover has an extensive career in the world of modeling (Photo: Instagram / @victor_latinlover)
Latin Lover has an extensive career in the world of modeling (Photo: Instagram / @victor_latinlover)

The former fighter explained that the show It is what it is will have the participation of colleagues who have worked with him in The stars dance today as they are lambda garcia, Raul Sandoval, Raul Coronado Y Silverio Rocchi. However, Lover shared that everyone is busy with different jobs so it has been difficult for them to continue with the tour, but in 2022 they plan to resume it.

“All of them got a job and then November and December came and if you do it right now it would not work because we are already closing and finishing the year, but what I am going to do is going to be a fusion of the first season added with those of the second and do something like style Only for women”, shared the Mexican dancer.

throughout the years shows like Only for women have caused a stir and controversy among the most conservative citizens and although for a time they achieved a certain acceptance among the Mexican public, the feminist movement has been in charge of creating social awareness about the macho culture that we reproduce day by day, however, The actor defended his position and project arguing that there are tastes for everyone.


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