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Despite the fact that the career of the American band Almost Monday is relatively short -they debuted in the middle of the pandemic, in October 2020-, the trio formed by Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby and Luke Fabry is already moving like a fish in the waters of the mainstream thanks to singles like “Sunburn” and “Broken People”, which have positioned them as one of the most forceful promises of current pop.

After the band released their first EP, Don’t Say You’re Ordinarythey were soon facing a crowd at the Lollapalooza festival, which would be the first in a long list of festivals that the trio would have to hit, including Summerfest, Bonnaroo and Firefly.

Of course, the praise was not long in coming in all kinds of media and platforms, which began to highlight them as a fresh and forceful proposal for the new generations, especially after the release of the single “Cool enough”, which ended up convincing to a greater number of listeners in the world.

Already in the middle of 2022, the band released another EP, entitled Til the end of timewhich spawned the song “Live forever,” which received praise from the likes of Zane Lowe, who personally premiered the single on his Apple Music Beats 1 radio show.

A similar fate seems to be held by the group’s other songs such as “Earmilk,” “Hailey beebs” and “Ones To Watch,” which guitarist Cole Clisby says “should be the place everyone turns to for an instant mood boost.” cheer up”.

Thus, while the band gallops between catchy melodies, danceable rhythms and riffs with a certain funky air, they continue climbing the lists of new music and fattening their numbers on streaming platforms.

That is why a few days ago we sat down to talk with this trio, who visited Mexico City to promote their music and incidentally play with their colleagues from The Driver Era at the Palacio de los Deportes in this capital.

Visibly happy to talk to the press, while highlighting how much they have liked Mexico City, which they describe as “somewhat sick”, they make it clear that they do not have a special love or hate relationship with Mondays.

Dawson says that they actually chose the name of the band just because they thought it was cool to be called that, without there being any important meaning behind it.

One characteristic that draws attention to the songs on Almost Monday is that their authors seem to have a clear facility for building hooks that remain in the listener’s memory from the first listen.

Although Dawson clarifies that they don’t think too much about how to get those hooks for their music, or about anything that is too catchy or attached to any particular concept.

“I think we usually just follow our instincts and try to write something that feels real or authentic to us. And well, it usually does turn out to be something like what you describe, but it’s not deliberate,” he clarifies.


The single “Cool Enough” and its respective video clip, which was directed by Nico Poalillo, tell that it centers on Dawson Daugherty’s own self-destructive journey through a dystopian society, as he tries to do whatever it takes to become cool enough (cool enough) before realizing that nothing is what it seems.

“We wrote that song last year and then showed it to our producer Simon Oscroft without much thought… I think that song is precisely the example of how we think this should flow: just following our instincts and letting it feel good while we write… Usually we just write some chords or just create a vibe and then we go into the recording studio,” he adds.

About his live performances, Luke assures that it is about shows quite energetic, in which they like to make people have fun and help them to forget about any external matter, even for a few moments:

“We just tell them: Come, dance and have fun, make new friends, have a good time,” he emphasizes.

They do not want to say too much about their near future, although they said they were excited to be able to go to other parts of Latin America before returning to their country.

However, they do say that we can take it for granted that we will continue to hear more from them and their proposal, which they themselves define as something summery and simple, as enjoyable as lying on the beach.

Because that is precisely what his music transmits: An opportunity to disconnect from everything and everyone, to simply enjoy. Isn’t that the main purpose of music?

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