The painter Iván Tovar in an immersive exhibition

Santo Domingo, DR.

“Tovar: living surrealism” it’s a event considered as the one that will historically mark the country, on the occasion of being the first world immersive exhibition in the Dominican Republic, on this occasion, honoring and recalling the works of the famous Dominican artist, Ivan Tovar, who passed away in 2020.

This great activity will take place from April 6 to June 6 at the Spain Square, Colonial Zone.

It will have around 500 square meters of immersive exhibition along with a large selection of approximately 400 images including works, letters and photographs made up of a team of specialists in immersive projection and audio content.

The contents have been generated by a team of designers, animators and artists who combine the latest animation techniques, including the most relevant artistic components of the activity.

There, works can be viewed with the latest technologies in 3D and 2D projection, lighting and sound, so that viewers have an approach to the works in a new way and different from traditional museums.

During the announcement were present Claudio Missiego, audiovisual producer from Madrid; María Amelia León, president of the León Center; María Castillo and Héctor José Rizek, members of the Iván Tovar Foundation; Milagros Germán, Minister of Culture; Daniela Tovar, president of the foundation; Carol Félix, director of the foundation and René Brea, who is the producer and conceptualizer of the event’s surrealism.

“It has been the dream of those of us who are present here and we have achieved an incredible professional job” he commented, revealing how extremely important the holding of this exhibition is for him and the entire team”, explained Rizek.

He added: “We have noticed how Spain supported Goya, Holland Van Gogh, Mexico Frida Kahlo, and we are very proud that in the country, Iván Tovar will be welcomed and supported.”

Culture Minister.
“We are facing a great start dreamed of years ago and an unprecedented event in our country. This constitutes a safe bet on the future of Dominican art, artists and culture, where the viewer will no longer be a simple observer to immerse himself in surrealism and become an accomplice in the inner worlds of Iván Tovar, who is from the world , but it is first ours “he said.

Ivan Tovar.
He is one of the greatest representatives of international surrealism. He was born in San Francisco de Macorís in 1942. He received the first prize for Fine Arts painting. He received the 2018 National Prize for Visual Arts.