The pandemic killed them! Marco Flores shares his tragedy with COVID-19

Flowers Frame, leader and vocalist of Banda Jerez, has rejoined the activity; on the other side of the telephone line, the hustle and bustle can be perceived. He is in his office after a long time of inactivity in music and on stage, forced by the pandemic that shook the world. At the same time, he is heard sad when talking about the departure of his brother, Conrado Flores, a trumpeter of the group, who died in November 2020, a victim precisely of COVID-19.

“What can I say? My brother left, leaving a great void in me, in my family. We passed an ugly horror theme, but life goes on, because many people depend on this work.

Today, Marco has a project that, he presumes, will be a benchmark in banda music: a series of duets, the first of which is with Julio Preciado to a classic: Dos Hojas sin Direction, “which will help my compadre to be reborn ”, he boasts.

What kind of lesson does a situation like the pandemic leave us? Valuing our life very much, the family. We are privileged to be able to be talking right now; It is a privilege because many people are no longer here, they died from the pandemic.

What do you think of the people who continue to think that COVID-19 is a government strategy? Is the almost 10 million dead in the world something invented? Is my brother’s death something made up? No, it doesn’t fit there; It is something very ugly, but you have to turn the page.

Did the pandemic serve to write songs or record albums? N’man, what are you going to do! If the engineer wasn’t infected, the musicians were… We were all sick! It was a trauma. Nobody did anything!

How did the duet with Julio Preciado come about?? Naturally and quickly: one day we met, we talked about doing a collaboration and he told me: “Delighted! How’s it going”, we agreed and I went to Mazatlán to record the video.

Will there be a tour with him? Sure, that’s it! Finishing their commitments with El Recodo and we with ours; We plan to start our tour by the end of the year in Mexico and the United States.

Do you have any new releases? We started with Julio Preciado, and duets continue with Grupo Legítimo and Los Ávila, from San Luis Potosí.

Did the crisis hit the groups hard? How do you think not, but we have to get up, we have to resurface.

Are there more duets? There are many pending: with Pequeños Musical, Vallarta Show, Tierra Sagrada… There is much to do.