the path you prefer will reveal your unconscious personality

Personality test: choose from six possible paths

This test is offered by the site and is based on a very simple principle. There are six paths to choose from. To know your unconscious personality, you must choose one of these six paths, without thinking. Just take the one that, without you necessarily being able to explain it, stands out as the one you want to take.

The six proposals are as follows: a path that is in a field, a path that is in a park, another that takes you up a mountain, a path in the heart of a forest, one that makes you discover a snowy mountain this time and finally a simple road.

Your choice is made? So let’s find out together what this means for each of the scenarios.

Test: the path in the field

If you have chosen this path, it indicates that you have a reserved personality. Unfortunately, you are unsure of yourself, of your abilities, and you do not want to risk taking new paths. However, it is by leaving your comfort zone that you can achieve all your dreams. Choosing this path tells us that, for you, the smallest details in life are the ones you find the most beautiful. It is a beautiful quality to keep, to constantly marvel. But remember, a full life is a risky life.

The path in the park

Your personality is special since you are both a dreamer and aware that obstacles await you and that they must be overcome to achieve your goals. You are a visionary person who is constantly looking for movement. Your wish is simple: to go as far as possible. And something tells us that nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. In the end, there is nothing more beautiful than not only being a dreamer, but succeeding in achieving your dreams.

Test: the path in the mountains

You are a resolutely optimistic person. The problem is that you tend to only see what’s in front of you. While there are lots of things worth seeing. We therefore advise you to take a moment to examine all the possibilities available to you, and not only those that you already know.. This is the only way not to quickly fall into monotony.

Test: the path in the forest

You are a creative person, but also a rebel. You like breaking codes, not corresponding to expected stereotypes. However, and this is the risk when one has this personality, you are also distracted, and it can play tricks on you. It is important to focus to achieve the goals you set for yourself, and there are many. Take the time to contemplate, to admire what surrounds you. This does not distract you from your goals, but allows you to refocus.

Test: The path in the snowy mountain

You like adventure and you want to feel free. Your great curiosity leads you everywhere since you want to discover all the wonders that life can bring you. You know how to learn from every path you take. Every lesson is important, you know that. Experience is the only thing we take to the grave, and you know it.

The road

Unlike the people above who chose the winding path of a snowy mountain, you chose a simple road. It is, in other words, the choice of security. In other words, you haven’t left your comfort zone.. This does not bother you since you have very clear and defined objectives that you intend to achieve. And if we understand how comfortable we are with all our landmarks, it is also important to try new paths, to take risks. You don’t know what tomorrow holds, and the unknown is terrifying. But it may open up new, even more exciting perspectives.