The peppercorns: That’s what Fiete, Jana, Natascha, Vivi and Cem are doing today

“Robbers and gangsters, crooks and criminals, we’re where nobody’s looking, we’ll put the crooks to flight!” Most of us can probably still sing along to the title song of the children’s series “Die Pfefferkörner”. The first episodes ran on TV from 1999 to 2002, and now there are even new generations of “peppercorns” to see. Thousands of fans watched as Fiete, Jana, Natascha, Vivi and Cem put a stop to criminals in Hamburg’s warehouse district. The actresses and actors became stars through the popular series. But what are they actually doing today?

In the gallery above we show you the five main actors Julian Paeth, Anna-Elena Herzog, Vijessna Ferkic, Aglaja Brix and Ihsan Ay 20 years after the end of their “peppercorn” career.

“A Heavenly Family”: Stephen Collins caused a scandal

After the TV-off, the stars of the cult series “A Heavenly Family” did not continue quite so carefree. Jessica Biel (40) and Beverley Mitchell (41) were able to build on the success, but tragedies were not absent from their colleagues. Actor Lorenzo Brino, who played twins Sam and David in the series with his brother, died in a car accident in 2020 at the age of just 21. Head of the family Stephen Collins (74), who played Pastor Eric Camden, hit the headlines with scandalous revelations. In 2014, a tape leaked showing the actor speaking about sexual abuse he had committed. “40 years ago I did something terrible that I regret very much. Since then I’ve been working to make amends,” he said at the time. He asked one of the women for forgiveness. “But in my therapy I learned that being open would only reopen old wounds, so I didn’t contact the other two women.”