The perfect dinner Cologne: Sarah would have liked to cut out THIS scene

Day two in what is probably the most famous city on the Rhine. In Cologne-Pulheim, candidate Jörg welcomes his guests to serve them “The Perfect Dinner”. The headmaster has set himself some goals and prepared an elaborate dinner with difficult recipes for the competition.

Even before Jörg’s other candidates are on the mat, they assess his chances of winning as good. In her opinion, the teacher is so well organized that he could succeed in conjuring up “The Perfect Dinner” in the evening. When you see the menu, this impression is confirmed again. But candidate Sarah has her difficulties when it comes to a very specific ingredient.

“The perfect dinner” in Cologne: Sarah struggles with dessert

Gradually, the candidates study the menu and judge what will await them in the evening. As a starter, Jörg serves a pumpkin soup with coconut foam, along with a deep-fried zucchini blossom on marinated pumpkin strips. That goes down well with the others. And the main course also scores points: Stuffed pearl chicken breast on a pearl barley risotto with fried mushrooms.

Visibly impressed, the guests then talk about the grand finale: the dessert. A very specific scene does not make it into the TV broadcast. Because Sarah, who cooked on day one, has a hard time pronouncing one of the ingredients. The teacher ensures a funny moment, which the production of the show only shares with viewers on Instagram.

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“The perfect dinner”: Cologne native can no longer make up her mind when it comes to slips of the tongue

As the grand finale, the chef will serve his guests all kinds of raspberries with pistachios and meringues. And it is precisely this last ingredient that seems to demand a lot from the candidate. At least when it comes to the pronunciation of the French word. “I know exactly! But do you think that comes out of my mouth?” laughs the 31-year-old. And Mustafa doesn’t have a clue either, because he probably never had French at school, as he says. And Sarah can hardly contain her laughter: “Oh God, it’s over now.” Luckily it was then with united forces (and the shooting team). A moment that Sarah would have liked to have done without. “Of course that’s how it’s shown, isn’t it?” the teacher asked uncertainly. Vox’s response: “Yup!”

The followers of the Instagram account celebrate the two people from Cologne for this funny guessing game. For example, a viewer might comment, “Is it about meringues? I really want to know now! So likeable!” Another woman writes: “The two are super likeable!”

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Pronunciation or not: Jörg’s guests are enthusiastic about the food that the candidate serves them. And so it is that the 62-year-old receives a proud 36 points from the competition.