The Perfect Dinner: Incident at Shooting – “In First Responders”

Dinner cooking skills in Cologne! This week, the team from “The Perfect Dinner” is going to the cathedral city of North Rhine-Westphalia. Mustafa is at the stove there on Thursday (February 2nd). The 38-year-old with Turkish roots wants to spoil his guests with a typical Turkish dinner.

But even while eating the starter, there is a small incident in “The Perfect Dinner”.

“The perfect dinner”: Vox team makes hosts nervous

“I couldn’t sleep from excitement. Cooking in front of the camera for the first time – all by yourself. It’s a challenge for me,” Mustafa reveals to the Vox team before the start of preparation. Because for the spare parts seller in the construction machinery industry, one thing is very clear: “I can’t lose.”

And the man from Cologne wants to give everything for that: “In my opinion, a perfect dinner means that everything has to be perfect. The food, the service – everything.”

And this is Mustafa’s menu:

  • Appetizer: Aci ezme / Havuc meze / Kisir 2.0
  • Main course: Beyti Kebab
  • Dessert: Künefe with Mara’s ice cream

The other Vox candidates already suspect that something Turkish is on the table. Jörg: “We’re expecting Turkish specialities.” Ramona: “Spicy Turkish specialities.” When it comes to spicy, Ramona isn’t that far off. Even the appetizer is spicy.

“The Perfect Dinner”: Incident while eating – “I’m a first responder”

When Ramona tastes it, it happens: she chokes. At the table, all eyes are on the blonde. Until Mustafa interjects: “Don’t worry, I’m a first aider!” In the end, the father no longer has to prove his skills as a first aider, Ramona is doing better. And eating can continue.

Will Mustafa win as a hobby cook in “The Perfect Dinner”?

Candidate Sarah: “As far as hospitality and attention are concerned, he totally fulfilled that, the perfect dinner.” But also in terms of taste?

“The perfect dinner”: ++ Warning, spoilers! ++

Not quite. In the end, Mustafa got 27 points, which puts him in last place. You can see the whole episode at 7 p.m. on Vox or now in the RTL+ media library.