The perfect dinner: the food tastes good – but Martina gets criticism

“The perfect dinner”: The food inspires – but the hostess receives severe criticism

03/24/2022 at 18:18

“The perfect dinner”: You certainly didn’t know these crazy facts

“The perfect dinner”: You certainly didn’t know these crazy facts

Even if you’ve been following “The Perfect Dinner” for years, you definitely didn’t know these crazy facts.

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You might think the biggest challenge in “The perfect dinner“ is to conjure up a delicious menu on the table. But sophisticated recipes alone are not enough to convince the guests.

The ambience must alsoThe perfect dinner” voices. An icy mood at the table can spoil your appetite.

“The perfect dinner”: the hostess is too dogged – guests lack warmth

For their “But please with cream!” menu, “The perfect dinner“-Candidate Martina highly praised on Thursday. With the truffled polenta, surf and turf and a delicious pannacotta, she hits the mark with her colleagues.

However, when evaluating it, it quickly becomes clear: No matter how delicious the food, if the hostess’ mood doesn’t radiate warmth, it drags the entire dinner down.

And unfortunately that seems to have been the case with Martina in Mönchengladbach. Her elegant manner is too stiff, too impersonal for the others. In addition, she rarely dared to leave the kitchen. A big minus point.


This is Martina’s motto on Thursday:

  • Appetizer: Truffled polenta with glazed vegetables and salsiccia
  • Main course: Surf and turf with potato and carrot gratin / celeriac and cabbage with Café de Paris sauce
  • Dessert: Raspberry Coconut Pannacotta with Pistachio Coconut Cake


“The perfect dinner”: Harsh criticism – “expectations met in terms of food, not at all as a hostess”

“I found her to be a very tidy, structured host. I think she’s generally a quieter, more observant type of person,” says Madline, who opened Cooking Week at Vox. Stephan sees it very similarly: “I’m more of an easy-going type and don’t know that from home, this calm, cool, organizationally correct thing. Ask, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’. I don’t have to be constantly refilled with water, that’s when I get into a crisis. I have my own hands, that was too much for me.”

Candidate Marcel even claims that Martina is not a good hostess. “She met my expectations in terms of food, but unfortunately not at all as a hostess – or hardly at all. She retired to this open kitchen and then she was just by herself. But for a ‘perfect dinner’ I also need the host,” criticizes the 30-year-old.


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The sharp words of their guests are also reflected in the rating. In the end, Martina gets 32 points.

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