The perfect dinner: Vox spokesman annoyed – “I was afraid of it”

“The perfect dinner”: Vox spokesman annoyed – “I feared it”

06/07/2022 at 18:53

“The perfect dinner”: You certainly didn’t know these crazy facts

“The perfect dinner”: You certainly didn’t know these crazy facts

Even if you’ve been following “The Perfect Dinner” for years, you definitely didn’t know these crazy facts.

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Five hobby cooks, five days, five menus, five different dwellings. That is “The perfect dinner“. Such a week in the vox-Cooking show is hard work for the editors, cameramen and employees of the production company.

Is for the participants vox-Show actually completely relaxed after her cooking day, accomplishes the “The perfect dinner“ Top performance every day.

“The perfect dinner”: A difficult hurdle for the Vox employees

However, it is particularly annoying for the camera team and employees when the chef of the day also lives at the top of an apartment building. Just like on Wednesday with Augsburg candidate Alina.


The perfect dinner“ at Alina in Augsburg:

  • Motto: Cook.Eat.Love
  • Appetizer: Green salad, pink salmon and colorful bruscetta
  • Main course: Lamb meets sweet potato and orange
  • Dessert: White strawberry dream
  • You can find the recipes at


She lived in a 12-unit apartment building at the top, as she announced when she rang the bell. “Uhhhhh, I was afraid of it,” spokesman Daniel Werner groaned directly. And further: “It’s much too warm for mountaineering.”

“The perfect dinner”: Candidate Alina has a strong evening

Yes, the ascent to Alina’s attic apartment was certainly not enviable. The Vox team had a lot to do with the 35-year-old social worker. The native Ukrainian was a real whirlwind in the kitchen. And a great cook at that.

Even the rating “excellent” was given during the course of the evening. And so it happened as it had to: With a strong 35 points, Alina was able to draw level with Monday candidate Barbara. However, a decision has not yet been made. Finally there are evenings with Daniela and Günther. Then hopefully with a less sweaty journey.


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