The photo of Princess Diana that she “hated” so much was auctioned: The Royal Mail selected it in 1998 to commemorate the first anniversary of her death | People | Entertainment

In the year 1986, when the princess Diana of Wales was 25 years old, the English photographer Terrence Donovan He captured it in an image that Lady Di did not like, because when he saw the photograph “he made a face and expressed his disgust.”

Despite the displeasure that the portrait generated for the then wife of Prince Charles, that postcard was part of the group of commemorative stamps to his life, after he died in a tragic car accident in 1997.

Princess Diana’s photo will cost more than $20,000

According to information from the Daily Mail, the British auction house Bonhams published on its official account Instagramthe photograph in question, explaining that it was one of the images selected by the Royal Mail, in 1998, to commemorate Lady Diana.

In the photo, Diana is seen sitting in semi-profile, looking at the camera with a discreet smile and wearing a purple dress, made of velvety fabric and a strapless neckline, which exposed her shoulders.

As reported by the newspaper El Heraldo, Sarah Lindberga Bonhams house specialist, assured that when Diana looked at the photograph she said: “Oh, I don’t like that photo”.

But, after 36 years of capturing that moment, the photograph was auctioned on Wednesday, March 23 by the Bonhams house, in a bid that began with the minimum amount of 20 thousand dollars.

A never-before-revealed photo of Diana of Wales was displayed at Kensington Palace

In the same post where Bonhams shows the photograph disapproved by the first wife of Prince Charles, they explain that Donovam photographed Lady Di three times in life.

That image where she wears her blue dress was the first of them, and later she had the opportunity to photograph twice more, in 1987, who was one of the most beloved activists of the 20th century. (AND)

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