The photo of the reunion of Georgina and Cristiano in Qatar

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Stephane Cardinale – CorbisGetty Images

    Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo have many fans all over the world, but without a doubt Georgina is her biggest fan. While the footballer is concentrating on the Portuguese team, she enjoy time alone in the tranquility of the Arabian lands. In fact, she has shared photos on his Instagram profile of him enjoying some of his beaches.

    The model has become one of Cristiano’s greatest supporters and this is demonstrated in each game cheering from the stands. However, yesterday he managed to reach the heart of all Instagram with his latest publication. She and Cristiano were able to meet again during the footballer’s day offand so they wanted to demonstrate it via social networks with a most adorable photo.

    The two appear with comfortable clothes, smiling and embracing each other showing all the love that they had not been able to show until then. In the caption, Georgina wrote: “O love gives my life ❤️”to which many of his followers responded with messages like “Cute ❤️❤️”, “May you be very happy you deserve it ❤️❤️❤️” or “Good luck to Portugal cute as always 😍😍😍”.

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    We have no doubt that Georgina has given him all the strength he needs and soon they will be able to get back together to disconnect from reality. We hope that Cristiano has been able to give everything in the next games (except against Spain, please).