The photos of Chris Evans at Disneyland that have been the target of memes and ridicule on social networks – New Woman

After many years associated with Marvel Studios and his interpretation of Captain America in the MCU, Chris Evans has decided to go through another area of ​​the mouse company to give voice to buzz lightyear in his new solo tape and to celebrate it, he went to Disneyland in California and his photos were a sensation on the networks.

The photographs were published on the official Pixar networks and in them you can see the actor posing with some of the most famous Disney characters in celebration of the film that hits theaters around the world on June 17. Internet users made her a source of ridicule and memes.

The memes about the photos of Chris Evans in Disneyland take the networks by surprise

Many users highlighted the strange position in which the actor appears, since he looks practically the same in all the photos, giving the impression that he was mounted in Photoshop. While he seems to be Evans’ preferred pose for photos, as he’s been seen hundreds of times like this, this time “there’s a weird vibe to the photos” as users mention.

As a result of this, Internet users did not hesitate to start cutting out the figure of the actor to place it in all kinds of photos, quickly becoming a trend around the world and with thousands of people looking for the most original and funniest way to do it.

For his part, the same actor had to take to the networks to laugh at himself and talk about it, so he wrote on his official Twitter account “I promise I’m not photoshopped on these! I just have a very disciplined pose. (And I don’t know what to do with my hands).”

The networks explode with the pose of Chris Evans at Disneyland for the premiere of “Lightyear”

It seems that the move went very well for Disney, because not only did they manage to put Evans, Disneyland and Lightyear among the world trends on Twitter, but now more people want to go see the movie and it seems that the actor’s meme has arrived for to stay.

Thousands of Tweets are made each hour with more variants of the same image, even joining it with other very similar memes from the past.