The photos of Luis Miguel with Paloma Cuevas in Spain that confirm their romance: the images rekindle the hope of marriage among the singer’s fans | People | Entertainment

For months there has been a lot of talk about him entering Luis Miguel Y dove caves the love. At the time, many journalists they claimed to have the scoop on their romance, but this was not confirmed.

But now, both have taken a giant step by being seen together in some images that seem to confirm what seemed obvious for some time, and that is that the couple loves each other and shares quality moments, as reported by The Objective.

The photographs of Luis Miguel with Paloma Cuevas in Spain

The scoop of these Photographs It was given by Semana Magazine who took the bombing to the cover of its first edition of 2023. “Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel: the images that confirm the romance of the year” is the forceful headline they used.

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On said cover, they are seen as a conventional couple, finalizing their Christmas shopping in a shopping center in Madrid, Spainlike thousands of people who left the list of the Magi until last.

The striking note is that the publication was not looking to capture them but ran into them on the escalator of a store space located on Paseo de la Castellana.

The confirmation that both began a sentimental relationship arises from the attitude they maintained during their workday. shopping. The two of them walked through the aisles of a well-known store holding onto her arm and she even, at times, leaned on the man’s shoulder. singer.

These photographs were taken on December 29 in the Spanish capital, but they do nothing more than graphically support a hypothesis: that of their relationship, which has been discussed for months in the media.

Rumors of romance and marriage between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas

“The beautiful friendship that they had had for decades gave way to a consolidated romance that is finally confirmed with these photographs,” says the aforementioned magazine. And it is worth remembering that Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas have been close friends for years.

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There was even talk of compromise. matrimonial by the press mexicana, but it is something that was never officially confirmed.

At the moment, both Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel are silent, but everything indicates that they are already confirmed as one of the fashionable couples of 2023. (AND)

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