the picture of controversy

Taken during a visit to Kingston, the Jamaican capital, the photo summoned painful memories for the country and revived old conflicts.

A fence separates them. On one side, Kate Middleton and Prince William, escorted by a handful of security guards. On the other, Jamaicans, massed in number, trying to sneak their hands through the fence to touch the princely couple with their fingers. This photo, taken on March 22 in the Trenchtown neighborhood of Kingston, summoned painful memories of the colonial era, causing an outcry.

The gunpowder fire

Because if the photo was, in reality, taken on a football field during a meeting with the Jamaican football star Raheem Sterling, the shots of this exchange invoked another symbol: that of the caesura between privileged whites and descendants of slaves. Note that the football champion was also immortalized on the same side of the fence shortly before.

On Twitter, author and editor Sharmaine Lovegrove writes, however: “Recalling that Raheem Sterling was on the same side as Kate and William, we miss the point. He was on both sides of this fence, and it was his talent and his work that allowed him to be where he is today. Kate was born into comfort and later married the most privileged person in the land. They are the same photos, but not the same story. And a user to outbid, raising an episode that occurred earlier in the day: “They deserve the reception they had.”

This last user refers to the demonstrations organized in the Jamaican capital, on the occasion of the arrival of the princely couple in the country. Indeed, on March 22, locals gathered in the streets of Kingston, to protest against this visit, reminding the British Empire of its desire for total emancipation from the Crown, and demanding compensation and apologies “for its role in the slave trade” having brought “hundreds of thousands of Africans to the island to be enslaved”, as reported by AFP. A protester explained at the microphone of the news agency that he saw as an insult “that a member of royalty comes here without worrying about anything, without feeling remorse”. And to add: “They have this privilege of nobility. They can get here and we have to roll out the red carpet for them. That era is over. »

In video, Prince William grabs an umbrella to protect Kate Middleton from the rain

Deja vu

It is not the first time that the princely couple have faced the wrath of their hosts as part of their major tour, which began on March 19. Kate Middleton and Prince William have already encountered some complications during their first stopover in Belize, a country located east of Central America. Indeed, rallies had taken place in the village of Indian Creek on March 20, to protest against the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a cocoa farm, located nearby. The local population wanted in particular to denounce the land conflict which reigns with Flora and Fauna International, an environmental NGO of which Prince William has been a sponsor since 2020. “We do not want them to land on our land, that is the message we want. send. They could land anywhere but not on our land,” declared Sebastian Shol, president of the village.