the plant you prefer reveals your deepest personality

Do you feel like you can’t move on from your plant? It’s normal, she is likely to understand you better than anyone!

To each his own plant!

Nature has an impact on our daily lives. Without your plant, do you feel alone, as if abandoned? Rest assured, you are not crazy, quite the contrary. Capable of embellishing a room and morale, a bouquet soothes the soul of its lucky recipient. By the way, speaking of which, do you know that you can master the intricacies of your personality just by knowing the name of your favorite? Here we go, follow this Objeko guide! After reading it, you will never again give flowers by chance!


The least we can say is that you stand out from the crowd. Like this plant, you illuminate others with your mere presence. On the other hand, proud of your differences, you claim them to anyone who will listen. The one who could possibly make you change your mind has not yet been born.

Moreover, when we analyze the wardrobe of the owners of this plant, we notice that the choice of its outfits is not due to chance. From head to toe, you think of all the details. And for accessories, once again, you know exactly which pair of shoes to wear or which bag to select to go with this pretty colorful suit. If you didn’t exist, we would have to invent you!


A Guardian Angel… Here’s How Objeko defines the fans of this plant. Always calm, you find the words to soothe the pain. In short, you assume your role as a pillar perfectly. Your friends swear by your sound advice. As for your soul mate, she is aware of having unearthed the rare pearl.

Finally, impossible for them to give in to temptation. Dear friend ofObjekoyou have understood without us drawing you a picture, the fans of this plant are a little more mature than the average.


Positive by nature, the holders of this plant always have the solution to the problems. Capable of solving a multi-stage equation with ease, they bluff those around them. How do they get those glitters in their eyes? Don’t they have zygomatic cramps from smiling? In any case, this good mood is appreciable and spreads quickly in your daily life.

Objeko would like to clarify something to the purchasers of this plant. Once in a while, it would be good to put your three-dimensional ego aside. No, you don’t know everything. Don’t brag too much about having read/seen everything, you risk paying for it one day or another.

The tulips

Allergic to routine, the owners of this plant are on the move. For example, the various confinement episodes have been hell for them. Don’t panic, the Earth won’t stop spinning if you stay at home for a few minutes.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand the ambivalent attitude of the masters of this plant. With their energy to spare, they make everyone who comes near them dizzy. It’s not necessarily bad… but it’s confusing!

Clove trees

In a conflict, even if we do not say so, we appreciate the presence of the referees. In astrology, it is the Libras who are most able to harvest all opinions, including the extremes. Also, the clove plant is probably the one that most resembles you. The most complicated events are not going to be scary as you believe you are learning from your failures!

Right in your boots, you ignore the meaning and the consequences of the word burn-out. Behind the scenes, you recharge your batteries in contact with your plant. And yes, you need a little rest before getting back on track.


On Valentine’s Day, this plant is the best-selling flower stall. Depending on its color, we send messages to the chosen one that our heart has chosen.

Unlike tulip admirers, those who flock to this plant need landmarks. And that’s good, the vase that contains it is enough to restore the courage necessary to face everything that happens to you.


Reading the name of this plant, Objeko can’t help making the connection with the song by Claude François. Unfortunately, almost half a century after its release and a year before the tragic death of its interpreter, Cloclo will never know how much it continues to bring atmosphere to family celebrations. Simply pure, it illuminates a room.

Just like the singer, you are manic. It is obvious, no detail can escape you. Certainly, it has the gift of annoying your friends and family. But hey, we won’t trade you for anything in the world!