The “play” with which Epa Colombia viralizes its videos on social networks

Daneidy Barrera, better known as Epa Colombia, is one of the most recognized Colombian influencers in the country, not only for the videos she uploads to social networks and her keratin business, but also for her private life.

Recently, Barrera uploaded some stories to her Instagram account in which she is seen to be quite affected, apparently, by the “ugly” that – according to what has been leaked – they did to his new girlfriend Karol Samantha at the wedding of Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma.

“No friend. That is not done. Regardless, even if you change your partner or don’t change your partner, they can’t make you feel bad, because in love you don’t rule, only your heart rules (…) It hurts. All this is hurting me and I have been super affected. Perhaps because they treat her badly, she is not to blame, she is not.”, Epa said on the social network.

Likewise, she explained that in addition to her love problems, she is in a limbo in which she no longer recognizes who is looking for her out of true affection or simply out of mere interest: “I am crazy. Many things happen to one. One cannot imagine that God is going to change your life, that you are going to have money, success. This became an appearance, that people come to seek benefits, scandals.

The ‘little game’ of always?

However, Barrera’s video did not go down very well among his followers and friends, especially those closest to him, who assured that the recording is not sincere and that it is only part of a long list of publications in which he influencer He has used a “fake cry” to attract attention and, of course, the empathy of his fans.

“I know that she gets stressed easily by anything. The other half because she is crying and recording herself, I don’t believe her because she cries with lies ”explained the ‘Colombian Barbie’, an old friend of Epa, through social networks.

He also recalled that, as seen during the years of friendship, these videos are false, because “when she cries, in reality, she does not show anyone, she does not record herself.”

The same comment was made by Yampier Ortega, better known as ‘El Yampi’, who after breaking his friendship with Barrera decided to show the little trick he always uses to get people’s attention and show himself as the “victim” and others as the “victimizers”.

To argue his point, the content creator showed an interview that Alejandro Riaño, in his role as Juanpis Gonzalezmade a few months ago to Epa Colombia.

“I asked him for thousands of things and I told him that if they don’t comply, I’ll turn on the nets and say: ‘Oh, friend,’ and that’s it”she said in the middle of the interview, implying that she uses manipulation with her followers to get what she wants.

Then he added: “People, because they support me so much, go and press.”

Citing the video, who was one of the best friends of the influencer he dispatched himself against her: “Who are they going to believe more? A person who can buy everything he wants or someone who was his best friend and is going to come out and tell the truth? She says so herself, pulls out a cell phone and makes whatever fuss she wants. The injured party will always be the opposite”.

Finally, he suggested to Epa’s followers not to believe everything she says and to get to know her a little better. “It is difficult to remove idolatry from a person who covers up the bad things he does, and then to say that people have the power to tell lies and believe them, that is a gift,” she concluded.