The played new tattoo of Tamara Báez: what was done and in what part of the body

Tamara Baez He continues to undergo changes to his body and everything he does he usually shares with his Instagram followers. This was the case with his last tattoo, whose session he shared on a live broadcast.

After adding ash blonde extensions to her hair and refreshing her look with XXL eyelashes and nails, now the singer’s girlfriend L-Ghent went for more and ink was added to the body.

The young woman tattooed her neck and uploaded a photo to show it on social networks. As you can see, the design appears to be a central butterfly in black with several flowers in the background.

Tamara Baez.

During the session, Tamara Baez made the live broadcast, in which she was seen extremely calm and enjoying the moment. As she underwent the needle, she chatted with her followers.

The young woman asked them how the new and risky aesthetic change fit her. Most agreed that it was a beautiful design and that she wore it very well, with attitude.

Once the session is over, Tamara He uploaded a photo where he announced that this will not be the last aesthetic touch-up to be carried out. “Then the full arm and we would be,” she commented in an Instagram story.