The “police call” in the quick check: Böwe comes after Bukow

Charly Hübner’s time in Rostock may be over, but the “police call” there still remains in the family: With Lina Beckmann, his wife takes over the investigative control – and sets her own accents directly.

What is happening?

“You can’t choose your family” is not only a truism that is often used, but also the title of the new “police call”. And as such quite apt: In a single-family house in a Rostock suburb, a single mother and her severely disabled son are murdered. The main suspect is the opiate addict Max (Allessandro Schuster). He is not only the foster child of the neighboring family, but also the biological son of an Eastern European mafia clan – and after the crime disappeared without a trace.


Max (Alessandro Schuster) doesn’t just have a drug problem.

(Photo: NDR/Christine Schroeder)

The manhunt for Max calls Melly Böwe (Lina Beckmann) on the scene, a detective from Bochum who looked after the boy in the witness protection program. And because Böwe is also the half-sister of Commissioner Bukow (Charly Hübner), who has disappeared from Rostock, the family shell game is guaranteed in this “police call”. However, the personal trials and tribulations do not dampen the tension.

What is it really about?

About the introduction of Lina Beckmann as the new commissioner in Rostock. Attentive viewers got to know the investigator last March in the episode “Sabine” when she first appeared as Bukow’s half-sister. And Lina Beckmann and Charly Hübner also know each other very well in real life: the two have been married to each other for ten years.

Zap moment?

When Melly Böwe is introduced as a muffin-baking mother figure, while Katrin König wants to treat herself with sourdough, then one is welcome to think aloud whether that is perhaps a bit too much of the obvious symbolism.

wow factor?

The (apparent) ease with which Böwe slips into her new role and fills it with astonishing naturalness from the start.

How is it?

8 out of 10 points. As the direct successor to Charly Hübner, Lina Beckmann is following in big footsteps. And she does her job well: “You can’t choose your family” is a thriller worth seeing that makes you want more.