The presenter of Masterchef Claudia Bahamón was assaulted in Cartagena

The presenter Claudia Bahamón reported this Tuesday -May 10-, on her social networks, that she was recently the victim of a robbery in the historic center of Cartagena.

He noted that the incident occurred last week around 11:20 p.m. when he was with several friends waiting for his driver to arrive.

“Last week, at 11:20 at night, with a group of work friends, we waited in front of the house where we were for our RCN driver to arrive. The streets of Cartagena, of the old city are narrow and the platforms too, ”said the presenter at the beginning of her story.

Later, she stated that she felt the arrival of a taxi that, in a matter of seconds, slowed down, and a man came out of the window who slapped her to rob her. Bahamón said that by “natural reaction” he did not let them take his things and fell to the floor.

“The street was lonely. We were a group of five people, a couple above the platform and the rest down the street. A taxi was coming, I turned my back on it and moved towards the platform to give it more room to pass. In a matter of seconds the taxi slowed down, the back window was opened and a man climbed out almost waist-deep. He grabbed me to rob me, (from behind), I got scared, I screamed, by natural reaction I did not let them take away what they were pulling and I fell to the floor, ”he narrated.

The MasterChef presenter pointed out that the thieves escaped in the vehicle. She added that she felt violated and recalled a violent robbery she suffered last year. “The taxi took off “in a tailspin” (as they say in my country) and escaped. We all stay a little shock. Stunned. I cried out of anguish when I felt once again vulnerable in the face of a violent act in the street, as happened to me in September of last year at 85 with 11, in Bogotá. Since then I walk the streets in fear and it is not for less, ”he said.

Bahamón finally made a reflection on what happened. “I am one of those who says that we should embrace and accept what life gives us, but accepting should not be confused with resigning. If anything makes us creators, it is the ability to transform things, not to endure them. And we cannot sit back and watch the world and our society crumble in front of our eyes and do nothing.”

“I wonder if one day we can change and be better human beings. Violence is the last resort of the incompetent and I want to maintain the illusion that as a society we can stop being so, we can change. I will not give in to that dream,” he maintained.

Violent robbery in September 2021

In September 2021, the presenter narrated the violent robbery she suffered in the north of Bogotá, a topic that she described as “worrying” and although she acknowledged that she had not wanted to publicly narrate what happened, she said that she decided to tell it to help other people to take precautions on the streets.

“It is a subject that I have kept for myself, because it has me in shock for a week and it is a robbery that I had in Bogotá, at 85 with 11″, Bahamón recounted in several videos that he posted on his Instagram account. “If I had not told this publicly, it is because just remembering it makes me feel bad, very bad,” he added.

The MasterChef presenter assured that she was walking down Calle 85 with Carrera 11 and when she reached the corner she stopped while the traffic light changed. While she was on the corner, she felt a motorcycle come very close to her and the driver grabbed her purse and started pulling her without stopping the motorcycle.

“He grabbed my bag and started pulling me without stopping the motorcycle. The man did not understand that the wallet was tied to my body and that is why he could not remove it quickly to give it to him, because the truth is that he would have given it to him ”, he added. The motorcycle driver continued to move forward, so the presenter ended up stuck in the middle of the street between the thief’s motorcycle and the other vehicles that were driving at that time on that road in the country’s capital.

“People started yelling to help me and when the guy realized that people were yelling he stopped the motorcycle, knocked me down and then grabbed my arm and ripped my cell phone. At that moment he left and about six motorcycles also started to intertwine with each other in that horrible traffic in Bogotá, ”said Bahamón.

At that moment, the presenter says that she started running aimlessly, as a result of the fear that the robbery generated in her. She then she stopped and sat down on a platform to cry: “A very kind Brazilian lady arrived who wanted to help me. She gave me water and took me to her place and there they helped me, accompanied me and lent me a cell phone to call home”.

Bahamón also reported that she was not the only victim that day, because minutes before she was robbed, three more people had also been robbed in the same area. “There were six motorcycles or more stealing from four people. This is unsustainable, really, Bogotá is unbearable, that same day they also robbed Sebastián Villalobos and Diego Camargo”, added the presenter, model and businesswoman.

In his Instagram “Stories” he also showed a photograph of one of his legs, in which there was a mark produced by one of the blows he suffered during the robbery. Finally, Bahamón took the opportunity to ask citizens to be very careful while traveling on public roads in the city. “We can’t keep walking so cool in a city that has really gotten out of control. Let’s take good care of ourselves,” he concluded.