“the pressure to be happy”

    Laura Escanes has always been characterized by being part of that small group of ‘influencers’ who Shows reality of his life even though he tries to preserve his privacy as much as possible. That is why a few hours after the end of the 2022, the content creator has been willing to share with her community those Photos that, as done, has been said, they are not so “instagrammable”, that is to say, images that not only show the empty happiness that we are used to seeing on the social network.

    Due to his recent separation from Risto Mejide, anyone could imagine that this It had not turned out to be Laura Escanes’ best year. However, the months prior to this event were not a bed of roses for the content creator either. In fact, she assures that, in general, his state of mind of 2022 did not help professionally even though he had dream projects, which made the job quite difficult. “I have worked a lot on myself but the process has been difficult,” writes Laura Escanes in photos showing her with tears in her eyes.

    laura scanes crying

    Laura Escanes / Instagram

    In one of the videos that Laura has shared, appears crying but ends with a smile and with a lot of humor he assures that the summary of his year could really be that. “I did not stop working, I had incredible projects that not even in my best dreams … and a part of me enjoyed it incredible and another needed to allow me to be bad,” says the text that he has written. But the great reflection, from our point of view, that Escanes has made is that not everything is seen on Instagram: “That pressure to show that you are happy makes me angry because if you compare yourself, all the families and incredible moments”, account after recounting that she took care of her birthday cake herself.

    In addition, he has told a story that until now was totally unknown: suffered an anxiety attack after attending the press at the ‘photocall’ of ‘Dulceida al desunudo’ and couldn’t even stay to see the premiere. Even with all this, Laura in her saddest days, knew how to be well surrounded her friends, her family and, of course, her daughter Roma.

    laura escanes at the premiere of dulceida al desnudo

    Laura Escanes / Instagram