The ‘Prince Phillipe’, from Elite, is accused of being misogynistic and abusive by a Spanish singer

July 7, 2021, 12:32 PM

July 7, 2021, 12:32 PM

Although he has his audience won in Spain, where he makes his way in music, the artist Pol Granch (23) has just been projected to the world thanks to the Elite series, in which he represents the controversial ‘Prince Phillipe’. Just like in fiction, with a character with a Dark pastin real life someone has also just appeared who accuses him of misogynistic acts from years ago.

“Pol Granch, since you messed me up at the Los 40 party in 2019, when you treated me like a bitch, I’m quiet You go out in ‘Elite’, you dress like Harry Styles and you sing silly pop ballads because a lot of people have looked the other way. For my part: f *** you”, wrote the rapper Sara Socas (23), who has Twitter in suspense because of the thread that started yesterday.

“In addition, there were AR’s that saw part of the situation and did nothing. So pieces of s*** too,” continues the Spanish woman who is also quite followed in Spain, with 49.8 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

From the beginning of the messages, in which she tagged Granch, Internet users took sides supporting one of the sides, some recounting similar experiences with the artist and others accusing her of seeking fame and inventing a story from years ago.

You are a fucking misogynist, I have never spoken out against anyone because I am unaware of certain realities and I cannot get wet. But you have not only treated me badly, that you disrespected me and pushed me several times, but many girls in different ways and much worse.” He replied to some complaints.

And he continued to reply to Internet users. “I do not specify the situation because it would involve third parties and they may not feel comfortable, but I couldn’t take it anymore seeing how the industry treats you pretty while you have treated a lot of people like a piece of m***. And I don’t care that was drugged than sober”.

Until now Granch opted for silence, like his companions from Las Encinas in Elite, especially Georgina Amorós, who plays Cayetana and who discovers the young prince’s lowest instincts.

“I am against cancel culture, because we can all make mistakes. But one thing is a shit and another is a pattern: repeating attitudes and behaviors over and over again f***. N O.”, closed Socas.