The princes of Wales show off the artistic talent of their son George

The Princes of Wales have sent their best wishes and congratulations on these Christmas dates via a drawing by his 9-year-old son George. Christmas, which is illustration of a reindeer under the snow accompanied by two robins perching on its fur and antlers and that it is outlined in brown, blue and red tones, it is a tender detail that has enchanted the community of followers of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which exceeds the figure of 14 and a half million people, and that in little more than a day has exceeded half a million ‘likes’.


This image comes a few days after the marriage shared his first Christmas greeting through a casual and summery family snapshot in which they appear walking very smiling hand in hand with their three children, princes George, Charlotte, 7 years old, and little Louis, 4. “Sharing a new family photo for this year’s Christmas card!”, they then expressed from Kensington Palace along with that postcard that marked a before and after for being the first starring as princes of Wales since September .


The watercolor, in which the child has painted the animal with a most tender expression, has captured everyone’s attention due to the artistic talent of the little one, since the result of the creation is outstanding for a person of his age. both in the current school of second in line to the throne behind his father, Lambrook Schoolan independent private preparatory school that is very close to his home and that has had a close relationship with the nobility for years, as in his previous training center, Thomas’s Battersea, located in London and where he attended before his transfer to Windsor, art is a discipline that has worked constantly and to which an important value is given.

This is Lambrook School, the new school chosen by the Dukes of Cambridge for their children


George has always had a great hobby in crafts, proof of this is the occasion in which, as his mother pointed out during an event held in 2019 at the Alperton Community School, at just six years old, he took a piece of coal from a fireplace and used it to draw. This artistic inclination runs in the familyand it is that Kate Middleton herself has a degree in Art History from the University of St. Andrews and is a great fan of photography, while her grandfather, King Carlos III is already a great amateur watercolor painter, a hobby that he has practiced since his youth and that has generated considerable benefits. This he also inherited it from his great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoriawho was also a popular watercolorist and his father, Philip of Edinburghanother lover of painting, not only as a spectator, but also as an artist.

Prince George turns 9 in a period of change and with a great institutional presence

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