the prize for artistic courage awarded to the Moroccan Zainab Fasiki

Since 2016, the “Off of Off” of Angoulême has been awarding the “Balls in the ass for artistic courage” prize which rewards an author who is often persecuted or censored.

The feminist Moroccan designer Zainab Fasiki won the prize for artistic courage on Saturday, awarded each year on the sidelines of the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

The 27-year-old is known for her denunciation of sexism and her promotion in her drawings of the freedom of women to dress and express themselves as they see fit. She published in 2019 Hshouma: body and sexuality in Moroccoa word which means “shame” and which is used to silence those who dare to assert their opinion.

“Sexual and bodily liberation was not invented by other countries, it is our natural needs and our rights, regardless of our nationality,” she said, quoted in a statement from the jury.

He rewarded the Moroccan, an engineer who went to war against taboos, “for these words, her courage and the beauty of her work”.

A prize awarded since 2016

The prize was created in 2016 by the promoters of the “Off of Off” of Angoulême, under the name of “balls in the ass prize for artistic courage”, in order to reward an author defying censorship.

In the previous edition in 2020, he went to the Algerian Nimes (Abdelhamid Amine, his real name), critic of the regime sentenced to prison for a political satire denouncing the influence of the military in the country.