“The process is sometimes painful”, sincere secrets about his physique

At 58, the singer has decided not to color her white hair anymore. In promotion for the release of her new album Aile-P, she confides without filter on this “painful process”.

By stopping the colorings, Isabelle de Truchis de Varennes (the real name of Zazie) did not imagine triggering so many passions. Some welcome this initiative and others are unleashed by attacking him on his age. But he is not yet born, the “hater” who will destabilize her. Already, she was surprised in Daily that a lock of hair can cause so much talk. “I have the impression that we find that men who have gray hair are quite handsome and that we don’t talk about it or littleand that for a woman, it is a subject… Whereas it is not one“, she explained. Asked by the magazine Evening Mag, she said everything she thought about this pressure based on women and the passage of time. True to herself, the singer did not mince her words!

Zazie: gray hair, age… Cash on the passage of time

Zazie took advantage of the interview in Evening Mag to remind that she was above all an artist and that she preferred to discuss the evolution of her music rather than her hair. She confirmed that old age is not always a pleasant time, but it is inevitable: “Sure, the process is sometimes painful and the mirror isn’t always my friend, but that’s okay“.

Zazie is definitely an optimistic and cheerful nature. According to her, thegetting old” also has advantages: “What I discovered is that as you get older, you also gain freedom. We may be less young, less fresh, but we are so much freer, and freedom is wildly attractive“. The art of seeing things on the bright side.

Zazie started out as a model

Zazie did not start singing right away. She was spotted at 19 by a photographer on the street. With his slender physique, he assures her that she will be a hit in the middle. She joined a small agency and paraded for the biggest: Yves Saint-Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld or Kenzo. She is not passionate about this job, but it allows her to earn money. Her vocation, she knows, is music.

She starts as a chorister or in commercials where she sings. A taste of his dream, but still not enough. Fortunately, a meeting gives a serious boost to his career. One day, she meets Étienne-Roda Gil, a famous author, who encourages her in the musical voice. Boosted, she launches and offers her texts to record companies and it is in 1991 that the project succeeds. She released her first album the following year. Since then, she shines on stage or on sets with her sunny and always Zen temperament.

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