The proof that Alejandra Guzmán disinherited Frida Sofía

The relationship between Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía seems to have no solution and now some audios reveal that the rocker made the decision to disinherit her daughter.

The MSN medium had access to the recordings in which the artist said that she would make changes to her will in order to leave all her assets to her nephew, the son of her brother Luis Enrique. This also makes it clear that Alejandra will no longer worry about Frida’s economic present.

On the other hand, there are documents that show that Guzmán sold an apartment located in Miami, which he acquired in partnership with his daughter.

The media also spoke with a person close to the controversial family, who assured that the bond between the two women “it’s totally broken” and that “They don’t even speak to each other anymore and everything has gone from bad to worse.”

Although the interpreter of “Yo Te Esperaba” and the young woman always starred in ups and downs, the love they had was clouded after Frida Sofía denounced her grandfather Enrique Guzmán for sexual abuse. Alejandra defends her father to this day and assures that none of this happened.

Regarding Guzmán’s decision regarding the inheritance, the source consulted said that the daughter plans to sue her, not for the money, but for the attitude she had in arbitrarily deciding on assets they had in common.