The protagonists react to the end of ‘Emily in Paris’

    Important announcement: From here, there are ‘spoilers’ for season 3 of ‘Emily in Paris’. Already? Are we all of us who have seen that twist in the script and have stayed ‘like WTF’? Ok, so we can continue.

    What a few ‘plot twists’ worthy of a soap opera in the last chapter, huh. A wedding threat, two breakups (Camille and Gabriel, and Emily and Alfie) and a pregnancy (how?). Undoubtedly, season 3 leads to a long season 4, and many debates around that last issue (the hypothetical baby, we don’t know if it will arrive).

    In any case, what we did not know, until now, was the opinion of the protagonists regarding this, but Cosmopolitan USA was in charge of asking them during a press conference. Do you want to know what Lily, Ashley and Camille herself (she has the same name in real life, ‘aaah’) think about Camille’s pregnancy?

    “Shocked,” Camille confessed to the Cosmo team. “In ‘shock’ is the word.” To which Lily added: “We heard rumors about different endings. And I thought, the one we’ve seen, was one of them. But then we found out that they were all and one after another. And when I saw it, it was like: ‘We only have 35 minutes. to fit this in, how are we going to do it?’ So, we feel very lucky that we were able to pull it off and that it made sense.”

    For her part, Ashley said: “I think we all hear different rumors, and then we’re like, ‘Wait, wait, what happened? Oh my gosh.’ There’s so much that happened in the last episode… “. And Lily complemented him with what we all thought: “I don’t know if we could have ended that way without knowing if we were going to move on to season 4. In fact, it would have been a horror for us too, because we would have felt that we had been left hanging. Knowing there’s going to be a fourth season allowed us to emotionally dig into the suspense, because we knew we could continue.”

    emily and gabriele

    Here, Emily and Gabriel going emotionally deep into the suspense, sure as hell.


    ‘Pss’: about season 4 of ‘Emily in Paris’, we lack data on whether or not they shot it all at once. If the first situation occurs, it could be released in a few months, but if it is not recorded, most likely it will not arrive until the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. We will be attentive!