The Queen is making an appointment again

In fact, it was only the third time in the 70 years of her reign that she did not attend this event: in 1959 and 1963 she was absent because she was pregnant – first with Prince Andrew, then with Prince Edward. Even after Prince Philip’s death, the monarch appeared at the opening of Parliament, after all, reading the Queen’s Speech is one of the Queen’s most important public duties. And so many asked themselves: How is the 96-year-old Queen really doing?

What actually is the Queen’s Speech?
The Queen’s Speech is the government statement of the British Parliament. It is usually read by the Regent at the opening ceremony in the House of Lords. However, it is not written by the Queen, as the name suggests, but by ministers. The speech contains details of the government’s plans for the new parliamentary term.

Fans can breathe again. Because just one day after her cancellation, Queen Elizabeth II made an appointment again. As the nobility expert Rebecca Englisch reports on Twitter, the Queen is said to have held a virtual appointment with the Privy Council, the secret state council. Also on her plan was a phone call with the Prime Minister. But the conversation with Boris Johnson has been postponed because he is not in the UK at the moment.

It is not known when the Queen will appear in public again. At the beginning of June, however, the celebrations around her 70th anniversary of the throne will take place in Great Britain. It is eagerly awaited whether Queen Elizabeth II will attend the events.