The Queen of Flow wants to visit the house of the Sonero Mayor | shows

The actress Carolina Ramirez, protagonist of The Queen of Flowvisits Puerto Rico for the first time with the desire to explore the musical connection between his native Colombia and the Island.

“I want to discover the great musical influence that the Island has, like salsa, reggaeton. Something must happen there among its narrow streets, which must obviously generate this important influence on music”, expressed Ramírez, a confessed fan of salsa and who wants to visit the house of Ismael Rivera (1931-1987).

Ramírez is on Puerto Rican soil as part of the show princesses and partners which brings together a dozen emerging urban artists, as well as Carlos Torres, also the protagonist of the Colombian Netflix series. The show started yesterday in Hydra, Aguadilla and will continue today at the Complejo Ferial in Ponce and tomorrow, Saturday at Vivo Beach Club in Isla Verde.

Before giving life to Yeimy Montoya in the production, Ramírez had no connection with the urban genre, he was even a little scared of it.

“It has been a very interesting discovery because the genre is like a complaint and you have to understand the lyrics, the concept that urban music goes beyond a rhythm. It has to do with what surrounds him, with what is denounced, with what has to be said, it is a play on words that depends on each interpreter. Discover rap, trap and all the rhythms and what happens in all those expressions, artists that are linked to music. In addition, reggaeton, which is really born in Puerto Rico, and I have been able to see how it has evolved and has become a world rhythm,” the actress told THE SPOKESMAN.

Almost two years after the last episode of the second season was broadcast, the artist remains linked to the project that she understands, catapulted her career internationally. However, she clarified that, in these days’ shows, Puerto Ricans will be able to connect with the actress who gave life to the Queen of Flow.

“Carolina Ramírez is the one who will be there sharing with you and the photos that we are going to take, we are going to chat for a while. That dynamic of meeting people who were so hooked on the series seems divine to me, ”she added.

At the moment it has not received confirmation for a third season, but neither has it been refused. As he had revealed in a previous interview with an Argentine media, the conversations took place, but at the moment they are detained.

with international vision

Participating in the Netflix project has given her the opportunity to try herself as an actress in other markets. In 2021 she moved to Argentina and began a theater season in the South American country.

Likewise, he spent time in Mexico to film the series Gross Nothing, which premiered its third season last week on Pantaya and Vix+. He hopes that Sony will approve a fourth season of the project because it ended with an open ending.

On the other hand, this year he will also carry out an audiovisual project in Argentina and the premiere of a film is pending.

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