the rare confidences of the journalist of France 2 on his children

Before rebuilding her life in 2008, Anne-Sophie Lapix had to raise her 2 boys alone. How did she manage to manage everything without collapsing?

Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​a happy mother?

Since joining the band France Televisions, Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​one of the safe bets. Once started, nothing can stop it. Whether in It’s up to you or in the new version of the mythical large chessboard, she is always involved. So, we wonder how she manages to be present for her sons. Because, contrary to what you may believe, she did not have an easy love life. Without further ado, Objeko Explains everything to you in great detail. Hang on and please buckle up, we are entering a zone of turbulence!

Not always easy to manage your image

Two years after meeting Arthur Sadoun, she decides to marry him. For those who have always wanted to preserve their secret garden, this is a giant step. Because her lover is anything but a stranger. Since he runs the largest advertising group in France, his wife could stop working. However, anxious to continue to practice her profession with as much neutrality as possible, she will redouble her efforts. Certainly, on the Web, some often accuse him of conflict of interest. Ignoring this type of non-constructive criticism, Anne-Sophie Lapix leads her boat! And that’s all thatObjeko wish her to be happy in every way…

Do not count for Anne-Sophie Lapix to expose her two princes. Besides, very smart one who knows the identity of the parent. All these years, she managed to keep it a secret. So we don’t know if it’s someone from civil society, a colleague, an actor. On the other hand, it is not a policy. We’re sure of that, because they can’t see it in paint. As proof, the two finalists in the presidential election agreed on one point. That we offer them everyone EXCEPT her to animate the debate.

Anne-Sophie Lapix, professional, down to her fingertips

Admittedly, she posed once or twice with her “new” darling. Aware of having been lucky that he had accepted everything without imposing anything in return. On the other hand, they are out of the question. With his colleagues at ParisianAnne-Sophie Lapix kicks in and gives them her own definition of the profession. “When you are a journalist, you inform the public about others, about the world. We don’t open the door to our privacy »

An air of deja vu?

During the presidential elections, she spends her time between two trains. Yes, the young woman is from the Basque Country. It is his haven of peace. Also, Anne-Sophie Lapix makes it a point of honor to respect a strict schedule. Under no circumstances does she intend to deviate from this rule. “JI see them one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. » This anecdote cannot leave anyone indifferent. “I refused offers, such as a morning interview, to maintain this link with them. My children come first. » Suddenly, we learn a sizeable piece of information about the one who recently knocked out the mayor of the seventh arrondissement, “jwas raised by my mother and I try to give them the same “.

Moreover, with regard to the values ​​transmitted to her sons, Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​clear on one point. It’s anything but perfect. “Je raise them with only one method: blackmail! Only that works.With a teenager at home, it’s not easy every day. Admittedly, she admits that they “are not very wise, but they respect my authority. That’s not bad ! »She underlines this paradox, but will say no more. “I am quite firm, but we joke a lot, self-mockery is essential, it saves everyoneyou”. Continued in the next issue!

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