The Real Reasons These Characters Left Grey’s Anatomy

fans of Grey’s Anatomy they have had to say goodbye to many of their favorite characters Throughout the 18 seasons of the series, since the story required it, on other occasions there were differences with the production or simply its actors wanted to change the air.

Despite this, the medical drama continues to be one of the most followed fictions in the worldwhich with the experiences of a group of doctors at the Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital, catches more people and continues to lengthen the story.

The reasons why these characters left Grey’s Anatomy

George O’Malley

One of the earliest losses in the creation of Shonda Rhimes was the intern who lavished much sympathy on her charisma and personality. However, he ends up leaving abruptly after getting into an accident that left him unrecognizable.

In real life, this was due to communication problems with Rhimes, that little by little his minutes on screen were decreasing, until he was simply removed from the show.

izzy stevens

Talented, determined, and dedicated to her patients, Dr. Izzie Stevens left suddenly after Katherine Heigl let the production know that she would no longer attend filming.

She withdrew her name from an Emmy match in 2008.which did not sit well with the creator or her colleaguesbeginning the decline of their relationship at the time and dating two years later.

“I did not feel like I was given the material this season to guarantee an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I have withdrawn my name from contention. Also, I didn’t want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials.”

— He said back then during an interview.

Christina Yang

The beloved character played by Sandra Oh walked off the screen because the actress felt that, creatively, she had already given everything she could in her character.

Something similar happened to Eric Dane, in the role of Mark Sloan, that he felt it was time to look for new challenges, as well as Justin Chambers in the role of Alex Karev.

Besides, Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) needed a vacation and take time for yourself.

Derek Shepherd

The most painful and shocking among all the characters that came out of Grey’s Anatomy. Patrick Dempsey asserted that “10 years is too long to be in any Show of TV. It’s very hard to keep the story interesting, especially doing 25 episodes a year. It was time to leave for me, it’s good to continue my career and have new challenges”.