the reason is more powerful than their separation – Nueva Mujer

Shortly after the end of the year, William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez They surprised fans with an unexpected meeting and it is that since the beginning of 2022 It turned out that they had separated. In the midst of speculation about their breakup, there was talk of the actor’s infidelity behind the scenes, although nothing was confirmed.

While Levy had been the first to speak about it on social networks, he ended up deleting his statements. It was Elizabeth who spoke on the podcast In self defense about “holding on to nothing”.

“Every day is a decision. Over time you mature, you don’t cling to anything. You are living in the moment and you are enjoying yourself, tomorrow, who knows what will happen? she replied after being questioned about William.

The celebrities were together for 19 years, but their two children together have been reason enough to maintain a cordial relationship.

This is how Levy and Gutérrez recently shared an achievement of their eldest son, Christopher Alexanderwhom they call ‘Tophy’.

At 16 years old, the teenager has taken up baseball and it is that far from the careers of his famous parents, he dreams of reaching the big leagues within said sport.

Both the host and the actor They tend to be very secretive about their private lives. so it is not surprising to see them share their family moments, however, they are so proud of their son that they could not help but share some postcards with Kailey, their youngest daughter.

Through their respective accounts, they shared moments of the Perfect Game (PG) Main Event sports meeting, in which the best young players in the country showed their skills and of course, ‘Tophy’ was on the list. The event took place at the Boombah Sports Complex in Sandford, Florida and Elizabeth’s shared snapshots read: “That’s my son.”

For his part, Levy published a video in which his son is seen in action and can be read: “Proud of you champ (proud of you champion)”.

This was a more than special moment for everyone since Christopher Levy’s dream was about to be cut short after two years ago he suffered an accident with an electric stroller for which he required rehabilitation and several surgeries.

For a while, fans thought the celebrities would get back together as they posted “healing” messages on their social media. On one occasion the actor wrote: “Do you know which people are really worth it? The one who asks for forgiveness the one who talks to you if she misses you, the one who talks to you again after arguing because she doesn’t want to be bad with you. If they have that person. take care of her Because she is not easily found ”.

Of course, Both Elizabeth and William know that despite their differences as a couple, their highest priority as parents is to give their loved ones the best. so a friendly break will always be better than living in a war.