The reason why Carlos Vargas will stop presenting ‘La Red’

Carlos Vargas is one of the best-known television presenters and remembered for his work on Networkwhere he has been from the first moment when the program aired. However, in recent weeks he has been absent from the program, so his followers have wondered why.

The presenter recently appeared in a photo accompanied by other well-known characters. This image ended the rumors, because the reason for the absence is that the presenter is competing in the new reality show ‘The great pastry chef: Bake off Colombia’.

The program has the presence of jurors such as Mark Raush, brother of Jorge Raush, who is a juror for Masterchef. Vargas is one of the famous Colombians from the first edition of the program. As far as is known, Vargas requested a vacation from La Red and will return to the program as soon as his participation in the reality show finish.

These are other celebrities who will participate:

  • Carlos ‘El Pibe’ Valderrama
  • Mario Ruiz
  • Johana Fadul
  • Kimberly Reyes
  • Andres Cabas
  • Belky Arizala
  • Natalie Giraldo
  • Yaneth Waldman
  • Martina ‘The Dangerous’
  • John Manuel Restrepo
  • Marcos Andres Carreno ‘Kiño’

The great pastry chef: bake off celebrity Colombia, what is known about reality?

This program will be presented by Danna García, the Colombian actress remembered for her leading role in “Pasión de Gavilanes”. Other well-known jurors will be Paco Roncero (who was a juror in MasterChef) and the Colombian pastry chef Juliana Álvarez.

“We want to give Colombians the best content, so we are focused on finding and creating stories that captivate the whole family. We know that ‘Bake Off Colombia’ will conquer the audience with an entertaining, educational and dynamic format that brings together the talent of 12 great personalities, loved by many in the country”said Tomás Yankelevich, Chief Content Officer General Entertainment of Warner Bros. Discovery, through a press release.

And although the premiere date of “Bake Off Colombia” has not yet been made official, some names of the celebrities who will participate in the new reality show that will hit the Colombian small screen have been announced, and it was also known that they have already started the recordings.

“We hope to transmit all the emotion of the competition, and in turn, that Colombians manage to connect with each of the participants, who have the difficult task of overcoming challenges and strengthening their pastry skills,” Yankelevich said.

This would be the second gastronomic contest in which the so-called ‘queen of the tecnocarrilera’Marbelle would participate, who had a good presentation in the last edition of the RCN Channel production and reached the finals.

On the other hand, the recording location was known. “The celebrities who would be in Bake off, the great pastry chef Colombian version for HBO Max. They are already recording it in Santa Fe de Antioquia”, according to Carlos Ochoa, a journalist specializing in series and soap operas.

Direct competition from Masterchef?

Many fans speculate that Bake off could draw more attention from viewers because it It is a newer edition of the cooking reality show, Masterchef. However, the truth is that being in different formats the competition would not feel so harsh.

On the other hand, there are those who point out that Masterchef is at a crucial point in the series, which is why it keeps several viewers glued to the screen, since two actors have recently been targeted for not obtaining the expected results. Actors who have indeed caused a stir in the production and have rarely gotten the taste of victory.

After the celebrities faced the challenge of the mystery box -the most difficult for some-, which consisted of preparing dishes with proteins representative of the regions of Colombia such as guinea pig, veal, mojojoy and kid, the actor Carlos Baez turned out to be the winner and for that reason he was saved from cooking on Thursday, but he had the responsibility of forming the pairs that competed in the quest not to get a black apron.

The actor’s strategy was punctual: he made pairs between the “strongest” and “the weakest”, to the former he assigned a greater number of responsibilities. On this occasion, the celebrities had to prepare small appetizers for a cocktail, a situation that put the singer Tostao and the actor Aco Pérez in trouble, as they turned out to get the black apron again.