The reason why Georgina and Cristiano sell their private jet

    After several months put up for sale, Cristiano and Georgina have managed to sell their private jet, although the identity of the buyer is still unknown. The footballer bought it in 2015 when he was playing for Real Madrid for 20 million euros and it is a customized Gulstream G-200 of which there are only 250 units worldwide and reaches a top speed of 560 miles per hour. The couple’s jet has all kinds of details and luxuries, such as its own kitchen with electrical appliances, bedroom, bathroom with vanity, pearl-colored leather seats, and much more.

    The reason why Cristiano and Georgina would want to get rid of the aircraft is because They need a bigger one according to reports from ‘ABC’. The jet has capacity for ten people, but since their daughter Bella Esmeralda was born last April and the family expanded, since there are seven members and, in addition, we know from Georgina’s ‘reality’ on Netflix, that they are very familiar and always travel with more people, among whom their friends or service personnel stand out.

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    In addition, according to the journalist Kike Calleja, the player of the Arab team Al-Nassr, has known how to take advantage of the jet these almost eight years and have done business with him since, through a company, heor has rented to other footballers and businessmen for private trips while neither he nor his family needed to use it for a price of between 6,000 and 10,000 euros per hour.

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