The reason why Yahir did not want to show his feet

Yahir is one of the former participants of La Academia who has had the most success in his musical career, because although he was in fourth place of the first generation, the native of Sonora managed to position himself in the public’s taste for his talent and charisma.

Even a couple of years ago he was a coach on the program “La Voz México” along with personalities like Belinda and Ricardo Montaner.

But before achieving glory in the world of entertainment, the actor also went through a difficult time that almost led him to be expelled from “The Academy”.

It was in one of the broadcasts of the reality show, where for not abiding by the rules of the psychologist Lizi Rodríguez, Yahir was reprimanded and even sent to the director of the reality show. It turns out that the rule that the young man ignored occurred in an emotional training session, in which all the students had to go out barefoot to rehearse.

Later, Yahir privately confessed to Lizi Rodríguez that he could not show his feet in “La Academia”, because he was ashamed to be judged by his peers and the public of TV Azteca because he had marks from the onychomycosis he had suffered.