The reason why Yahir will not drive again after his debut at La Academia

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- The Academy: 20 years became one of the most watched reality shows in Latin America and among the many surprises of this thirteenth generation, the debut of Yahir as host of the program, which generated strong criticism on social networks.

From the first programs of the contest, Internet users exploded on social networks emphasizing the inexperience in conducting the ex-academic, however, he did everything possible to shine as a presenter.

Before the end of The academy, The singer told the Mexican press that he would not host a television program again. “I took the challenge for 20 years only, for me that was something very important for the 20 years of La Academia, but I don’t think I’ll drive again,” he said.

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On the other hand, the interpreter of ‘With you yes’ explained to the journalist Ana Maria Alvarado that the process of conducting the contest was a real challenge, not only because he was recruited quickly, but also because he had no prior preparation.

“They asked me to be myself, they always told me: ‘Let go, Yahir, be you’, but, for me it was very difficult because the first programs logically went up terrified with the teleprompter the pea and that was the theme all the time, so I have to say that I had zero driving experience, I signed the contract to tell you on a Thursday and on Monday I was already conducting the La Academia press conference with the cameras, with the poster, with the pea”, he confessed.

Even so, it was learned that the singer put all his efforts to carry out the project, since he arrived very early every concert weekend to rehearse the script for the night.

Likewise, the Sonoran revealed that no matter how hard he tried to have fun and enjoy his role, this was almost impossible since he felt a lot of responsibility.

What did he say about the criticism?

Regarding the wave of attacks against him that was generated on social networks, the artist said he was surprised since it is the first time he has experienced something of this type. “I had never experienced this in my life so rude, so now that it happened to me, that I get into driving, it happened to me that I realize how eager people are for you to do things wrong to hit them in the face” , said.

He also emphasized that many of the comments circulating on the internet are from apparently false accounts or that hide behind anonymity to criticize without mercy.

Although his experience was a real challenge, Yahir finished the program successfully and according to what he confessed, his best night was the semifinal program of La Academia. “I really wanted to show that I could,” he said.

What does Alexander Acha think about Yahir’s driving?

Recently, Alexander Acha, director of La Academia, was asked who was the host of the program that he had liked the most to date. The options were Yahir, Adal Ramones and Alan Tacher, but Acha’s response surprised the announcers who were conducting the interview.

“I don’t have a favorite, the truth is that everyone… Alan Tacher He had a very special energy… I’m barely getting to know Yahir and I don’t know if you know that but it’s something new that he hadn’t done and I think it’s normal (nervousness), but he’s a person with many challenges, always on to the front. He likes challenges, he likes to face what is difficult for him and he is doing much better every time. Notice that I am confident that he will do even better and that it will be one of the branches of his career that he did not know he could do, because he has done well in everything he has set out to do: he is a singer, musical theater, actor… He has done quite well and I wouldn’t understand why this isn’t”, he explained.

After the end of the program, Yahir dedicated a space on his Instagram account to congratulate the production and the winners of the project. At the same time, he appreciated that they gave him the opportunity to be a presenter and not take it out before the end of the show.