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The Flans group, made up of Ivonne, Ilse and Mimí, achieved success during the second half of the 1980s. young capitals”.

Currently, only Ilse and Mimí make up a duet, and although there are many versions, it all started five years later, in 1990, when they returned to the Televisa program and announced their separation because “Ivonne was getting married soon.”

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Why did the Flans group split up?

Thanks to the success, it seemed that Flans was consolidated and competed with bands like Timbiriche. However, it did not last long and five years after making themselves known, they decided to go their separate ways.

The members, during that interview, assured that it was Ivonne’s wedding. But the versions of the local press affirmed that it was an excuse to leave out the “rebel of the group”, although it is something that none confirmed.

Due to a pact of friendship between them, they maintained their philosophy of “all or no one” and decided to go their separate ways. At least it was the official version, but the rumors that they couldn’t stand each other were gaining strength.

Constant fights, the fact that Ivonne sometimes left the stage in the middle of the concert, misunderstandings… Little by little it was believed that the trio had to take different paths to avoid a major lawsuit.

Years later, the situation cleared up. The interpreters of the theme “No controls” began to give clues about the true motives and Mimí was the first to offer an interview to the television program “Historias Engarzadas”, where she detailed the subject.

Flans could last at least 5 more years

The group started when they were just young girls. Yvonne, 23 years old; Mimí, 22, and Ilse, 19, had personal interests in common and all according to their ages: going out with friends, going to parties, having boyfriends, among other jovial activities.

However, their busy work schedules and little free time played against them and with exhaustion came the stress of each of them with the desire to experience what any young person would want to do at that age.

According to Mimí, this would be one of the main reasons why the group broke up at the beginning of the 90s, when their songs were still playing on the radio. The singer admitted that, were it not for exhaustion, Flans would last another four or five years.

On the other hand, another problem was that they worked more than they earned. Of all the money that the Flans phenomenon received, Mimí recalled that they saw “very little” of it. It was not only because of the presentations they made, they even left them out of the profits that their clothing brand had.

However, Irma Angélica Hernández Ochoa, known by the stage name of Mimí, referred to the rumors of enmity that circulated around the group, assuring that there were times when they “hated” each other and that on several occasions she served as a “mediator ” between Ivonne and Ilse, but he was also constantly fighting with Ivonne.

Even so, he said that, as much as he came to hate them, he loved them very much. It was true that, in their last months as a group, they could no longer tolerate each other, but this had only been a side effect of the stress and pressure they had put on them from all their work.

Reunion of Flans

On several occasions, Flans regrouped. The first time was in the late 90’s and then during the early 2000’s.

Between 2015 and 2017 they sang together on stage for the last time, until Ivonne again left the project to dedicate herself to other things. Ilse and Mimí continue to sing together, but without using the name of the band and only their own as a duo.

Flans recorded great global successes, the most outstanding were the hits “The thousand and one nights”, “Bazar” and the unforgettable “No controls”. These themes were even positioned on US stations and on the newly born channel at the time, MTV. Among the youth of the 80s they were the favorites. (AND)

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