The reasons why Amber Heard is dressing just like Johnny Depp – New Woman

As we begin the third week of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the case that has shaken Hollywood still has a lot of material to cut. Being broadcast via YouTube, the legal dispute has been under everyone’s merciless magnifying glass.

In this case, Internet users noticed something very particular about the accused actress, Amber Heard: his clothing. The protagonist of Aquaman would have been wearing outfits very similar to those that her ex-partner wore the day before and several people, including some experts in psychology, talked about why this would be.

These actions were highly questioned by users and it was generally considered that it was not just a coincidence since in the first days of the trial, Depp wore a gray suit with a black shirt, the next day actress Amber Heard dressed in a very similar outfit, repeating this action in the following days of the trial, coming to use a bee pin similar to the one that Depp also used and has used in the past.

The psychology behind this fashion decision

According to psychology experts, clothing has an effect on the way we make ourselves feel and act, as well as being a very important element in non-verbal communication as it is our business card to others.

This is why, according to some experts, we could deduce that Heard wears outfits similar to those of her ex-husband during the trial to send a sign of “mercy”.

This is not the only strategy that Heard has used during the legal dispute, as it has also been noted that he tries to exchange glances with the actor during the trial to try to persuade him, although Depp has always averted his gaze, in addition to the fact that many Internet users have subjected Amber to scrutiny, calling her body language “bad acting.”