The reasons why Ángel de Brito prefers not to show his partner

On the occasion of his birthday, Angel of Brito He shared images of the celebration and left the possibility for his Instagram followers to ask him questions through his stories.

One of the queries he received and that generated a lot of interest was related to his sentimental situation, more precisely to the reasons why he does not usually show his partner.

“Hello Angel. Never a photo with your partner? And yes, we care”, an Instagram follower asked the LAM driver, who did not go around with the answer and the real reason.

Ángel de Brito, Javier Medina and the Little Angels.

“He doesn’t like it and I respect it,” he replied. Angel of Brito. Short and concise, so as not to leave anything to speculation. In this way, the driver blocked the topic in the bud with the reply from him.

Angel of Britowho is dedicated to investigating the secrets of entertainment, although little was known about him until very recently due to his low profile, he is married to Javier Medinaa renowned stylist, since June 2019.

Yes ok Angel not usually shown in public with Javier Medinait is common for the Angelitas to do so on their social networks, where they usually upload photos in the company of the renowned stylist.