The rebirth of El Sol: Luis Miguel was captured with a mysterious woman in Miami

Yael Sandler took a short video of Luis Miguel relaxing in Miami

The influencer Yael Sandler was on vacation in Miami, Florida, in the United Statesduring his trip, he discovered that Luis Miguel was on the same beach as herso he decided to record a short video and take a photo.

The singer seems not to have noticed that his photograph was taken, but He was drinking with a woman in a black hat whose identity is unknown, as it is not known if she is his partner.


The famous singer was wearing a light blue shirt and a Bermuda-type swimsuit, in addition, he had a portable speaker in his hand as both seemed to be looking for a place to relax on the sand.

Quickly, many people on social networks began to spread both the video and the photo, since Luis Miguel does not usually make almost any aspect of his life public. In some of the comments, people described the images of El Sol as “happier, fuller and rejuvenated” than in other appearances.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Some of the comments that could be read on Twitter were “Luis Miguel looks like Luis Miguel again”, “Does anyone have information on Luis Miguel’s surgeon? It is for a friend” and “The sun wears a speaker to listen to the Sun”, regarding the device that he carried in his hands.

This would be the second time that Luis Miguel has been seen in this place, since on July 4 he reappeared on social networks accompanied by three artists and influencers during a night of fun in Miami, Florida, United States.

It is not common for the singer to be photographed during his party nights, because if he takes too much care of something, it is his exposure to the public and, of course, his private life; however, this time agreed to take a picture with three fans of his music who shared the postcard on social mediabecoming the sensation of the moment.

on the postcard you can see him in an impeccable black suit and a shirt of the same color open at the chest, where some kind of chain is noticeable. What most caught the attention of Internet users is that at 52 years old he looks rejuvenated, quite happy and in enviable health.

Photo: Instagram @entrefamososmx
Photo: Instagram @entrefamososmx

The women accompanying him are Agatha Sención, an influencer dedicated in her social networks to fashion, modeling, travel, tourist recommendations and the promotion of various brands that come to collaborate with it. In Tik Tok it has another facet of beauty where he talks about makeup.

It was through said social network where he revealed that As a birthday celebration for her best friend, they went to Miami to have dinner at a restaurant recognized bar in the local sphere and that goes by the name Sexy Fish. There he attended various events on music and art.

In the middle of the night of fun, she and her friends went to the bathroom of the place where they were impressed by the incredible design that maintains the theme of mermaids with imposing statues. It was there that they met Luis Miguel, who agreed to take a picture with them.

Naiza, on the other hand, the woman celebrating her birthday, is one of the emerging singers of the trap scene in Ecuadorand who is just beginning to take off in his career with a few singles that can be heard on platforms streamingand that stick to Latin American rhythms like reggaeton.

“My bday weekend (weekend of celebrations) began with the Sun of Mexico and the little people I love the most. Best gift ”, she wrote through social networks along with the photo of her with the Mexican singer.


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