The Recruit (Netflix): where do the scars of Noah Centineo come from?

Featured in The Recruit Since December 16, 2022, Noah Centineo sports several scars on his face. But how did the hero of the Netflix series get these different brands?

For several years, Noah Centineo has been melting the hearts of Netflix viewers. Well-known face of the platform, he is known in the role of the beautiful kid in love of his partner Lana Condor, in the trilogy To all the boys I’ve loved. It also appears in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018) or even The Perfect Date (2019).

With The Recruit, a new production from the American platform, the actor moves away from romantic comedies for teenagers and puts on his spy costume to slip into the skin of Owen Hendricks, a young lawyer hired at the CIA. If the daily life of his character is not easy and leads him to experience tumultuous situations, the scar he wears on his face on the screen is not however a mark drawn for the needs. from the Serie.

Two accidents that occurred at the age of six

This trace present at the corner of the mouth of the American actor is the unfortunate result of a bad encounter with a dog that occurred when he was six years old, as he explained to BuzzFeed.He attacked me and made a hole in my face, you could see my teeth, my gums, my tongue. It was a gaping hole “, he had related to the media.

Following this incident, the little boy formally refused to have the animal bitten and wanted to adopt a dog to reassure his loved ones and ensure that he was not traumatized by the tragedy. Noah Centineo aficionados may also have noticed a scar located at his hairline. A scar inherited from a trampoline accident that happened at the same age. A tumultuous daily hero on screen as in life, therefore.