The “red flags” with which Johnny Depp’s children warned him about Amber Heard – New Woman

Since last April 11, Johnny Depp and Heard have had to face each other in new hearings in which the violence they experienced in their relationship has been revealed.

The actors met in 2009 on the set of the film The Rum Diaries and they started an affair in 2012. Three years later they married in a private ceremony and just 15 months later, Heard filed for divorce, accusing Depp of hitting her.

Amber’s accusations led him to lose his place in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Fantastic Beasts” franchises, however, it is now that he has been able to confront her to clean up his image.

“It could start with a slap. I could start with a push. It might start with, you know, throwing a TV remote at my head. It could be throwing a glass of wine in my face. But overall, it was consistent,” said Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp’s children “warned” him about Amber

On Thursday, May 5, the actress from Aquaman testified in court where he was asked about his relationship with the actor’s children. Although the actress intended to look good, calling them “little weirdos” seemed more like an insult to those who are following the case.

“I discovered that [son] these beautiful and wildly intelligent little weirdos in the best way. You know? They were… I was falling in love with them,” Amber said.

Amber also claimed that Depp hid his drinking problem from his children, disguising that he carried alcohol in coffee mugs. Amber mentioned the time Lily-Rose freaked out seeing her father intoxicated and had “almost a panic attack.”

“I am hugging her and comforting her. Johnny walks in and after a few seconds I realize that he shifted his attention from himself to me and then looked very angry. He asked Lily-Rose to leave. Lily-Rose leaves, she looks at me crying. And Johnny starts accusing me of kindness.” to rat him out and call him a drunk in front of his children”.

Johnny has always been very secretive about his private life, especially when it comes to his children. Lily-Rose, 22, and Jack, 19. Nevertheless, he told the court that he had a “responsibility” to clear his name for the sake of his children.

“I wanted to cleanse my children of this horrible thing that they had to read about their father, that was not true. I don’t deserve this, neither my children nor the people who have loved me for all these years,” she said.

Both are the result of his relationship with his ex-partner vanessa paradis and she herself has defended the actor by assuring in a publication that “in all the years that I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive to me And this is nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.”

From the beginning, both Lily-Rose and Jack sent signals that things were not going well with Amber.

“My daughter Lily-Rose did not come to the wedding. She and Mrs. Heard were not on particularly good terms, for various reasons,” said the actor. Pirates of the Caribbean during court testimony in April 2022, according to Us Weekly. Although the actor did not clarify what those reasons were, Lily-Rose’s absence from such an important event paints a pretty clear picture of her standing with the actress.

On the other hand, in an interview with GQ, Depp spoke about how worried he was for his son when the smears against him began. “I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my 14-year-old son, especially when he was in school. You know what I mean? With people saying, hey check this out! sure your dad hits girls, right?

“I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my 14-year-old son, especially when he was in school. You know what I mean? With people saying, hey check this out! sure your dad hits girls, right?