The Reimanns: Konny unpacks! Viewers don’t notice any of that

Are they separated or are they not? The Reimanns had to put up with many questions about their relationship status in the past. However, new episodes of their emigrant show “Die Reimanns” should calm critics, because Manu and Konny show up with the usual team spirit. But Konny Reimann is now revealing another secret from the private lives of the two.

In an Instagram video from Kabel Eins, the emigrant now unpacks and reveals what the viewers of “Welcome to the Reimanns“Didn’t hear anything on TV.

The Reimanns: Konny Reimann reveals a spicy secret

Long-time fans should now know that the native of Hamburg has no problem speaking plain language. Now the amateur craftsman reveals in front of the cameras: “Normally we don’t need swimming trunks either.”

This is the “Goodbye Germany” cult family “The Reimanns“:

  • In 2004 Konny Reimann won a green card and emigrated to the USA with his wife Manu and their children Jason and Janina
  • The family was accompanied by the RTL show “Extra”
  • Due to their nature, the Reimanns quickly became a kind of cult family
  • Later, Konny and Co. became an integral part of the emigrant soap “Goodbye Germany”
  • Her own show “Welcome to the Reimanns” is broadcast on Kabel Eins

Going for a swim when nobody’s around? Sounds like Konny. The emigrant is very well in possession of a Badebuxe. However, it is only worn at special times. “We only wear swimming trunks when we have guests or when the TV foxes are there,” says Konny with a grin.

Konny (left) and Manu Reimann share their lives with the viewers on Kabel Eins. Now Konny is talking about something that has so far remained hidden from the fans. (archive photo) Photo: IMAGO / Eibner

The Reimanns: Konny Reimann has a crazy idea

Then he adds: “I can’t walk around here naked.” The TV star normally doesn’t wear swimwear, but the viewers of “Welcome to the Reimanns” on Kabel Eins don’t notice.

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In return, the emigrant keeps surprising his fans with new construction projects and other weird ideas that the camera doesn’t miss. When he re-clad the roof of his house, the thought spontaneously came to him: “That looks like a toboggan run. If we put water on it, then we could shoot down there with a rubber mat!”

Waiting for viewers to enjoy this sight…

By the way, new episodes are always available on Sundays at 8:15 p.m. on Kabel Eins and online in the Joyn media library.

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