The renowned Colombian comedian who was abandoned by his parents when he was two years old

Iván Marín, one of the most renowned comedians in the country, attended the talk show of the RCN channel, in which he made a revelation that surprised his followers.

As he told José Gabriel, when he was asked about his childhood, Marín said that his parents had separated and, as usual, one of them had to stay with him. However, he assured that none of them wanted to do it and he had to live without them since he was a child.

“You keep the child, no, you, none (of the parents) wanted and my grandmother said ‘then I’ll keep the child’ and decided to raise me”, said the comedian. However, her grandmother passed away when he was just 11 years old, and he was practically raised by her.

He also recounted a dark episode in his personal life, when he even thought of taking his own life due to the depression he experienced at that time.

“At one point I got to consider suicide and humor gave me breathI had chronic symptoms of severe depression, I did not want to leave the house at all and the stage became my medicine […]. I finally found out that he was good at something, ”said Marín.

Today he is one of the most prestigious national comedy artists, he is a lover of comics and has almost half a million followers on Instagram.

Another comedian is going through a hard personal moment: he separated from his wife

After 17 years of marriage, the journalist Marta Isabel Beltrán and the comedian Diego Camargo are no more. This was revealed by the humorist in an interview with the program Network, from Snail Television.

According to Camargo, it was he who took the initiative to end the relationship a few months ago and said he was not sorry.

“After so much time one realizes that there are things that one needs to change. Starting a new process in life implies a lot of terror, but you have to continue […]. Obviously it is not a thing that one says everything is perfect and from one moment to another it is not. These are things of years, there were fights, discussions, things in which we collided and others in which we walked together. We became friends, partners, partners, a team… but at some point we became more partners than a couple”, said the comedian in an interview with the aforementioned program.

According to Camargo, at some point he had already told Marta Isabel Beltrán that it was time for each one to take different paths, something that was undoubtedly “Sad news for everyone, including my daughter.”

“When you realize that there are paths in life that have to be taken, there is no turning back […]. I am calm. Like everyone else I feel sadness, loneliness many times, I miss Ana, my daughter, the possibility of getting up and her being there, of making her breakfast in the morning, those things are missed a lot… I am sure that it is a decision that I made rationally and very calmly. In my process it was clear that there was going to be no going back, “he added in Network.