The requirement to be invited to the coronation of Carlos III without belonging to royalty | PEOPLE

On May 6, Westminster Abbey will be full of members of all European royalty, presidents, high dignitaries and representatives of all religions for the coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom. Some ordinary citizens will be able to get an invite to the royal event on the condition that they prove they meet a requirement.

What is that requirement? That they demonstrate with irrefutable evidence that an ancestor of his has played some part in previous coronations. There is not much time left to send the application to Buckingham Palace, because the term ends on February 3.

But those who demonstrate, family tree in hand, that an ancestor of his played a role in some coronation of British history, will be able to do it again during the coronation of Charles III.

A tradition that Carlos III wanted to maintain

It is a tradition that goes back many years and that the new king wanted to maintain. Buckingham Palace recently announced the creation of the Coronation Claims Office: a special body that will have the same function as the Court of Claims, created in 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the coming weeks, a team of assistants to Carlos III, with the help of experts in religious ceremonies and royalty, will receive all invitation requests before sending off the coveted royal-stamped envelopes. Those chosen will be called for the general rehearsal.

In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II wanted to celebrate it in style and invited more than 8,000 people to his coronation. the husband of Camila from the UK will inviteonly” to 3,000 guests. But among them, there will also be some very lucky ‘commoners’.

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