the resource ceiling increased in 2022, are you concerned?

Family allowances: This is a little boost for families. The ceiling of resources taken into account for the allocation of family allowances was slightly increased, on 1 January 2022. But who is affected by this famous change? By reading this article, you will find out. Are you ready ? Well, let’s go.

Who is affected by this allowance?

At the start of 2022, there are changes concerning family allowances. Indeed, the ceilings of resources which are taken into account in the calculation of these benefits increase by 0.2% compared to last year. But before knowing the new ceilings, the editorial staff of Objeko will tell you who is affected by this allowance. Thus, what we can tell you is that these allowances are paid monthly to parents who have at least two dependent children under 20 years of age.

Obviously, the amount of this benefit depends on the parents’ income and the number and age of the children. Thus, for the family allowances of 2022, know that it is the categorical net income of 2020, which is taken into account. In this calculation, it will be necessary to include, the salary, the land income, from which must be subtracted the charges (alimony, reception costs for the elderly) and the tax allowances. It should also be specified that to receive this benefit, you must declare your children to the CAF. Otherwise, it will be very complicated.

Family allowances: What are the new ceilings?

For each case, three tranches are planned according to the income of the parents. Beneficiaries who have two dependent children under the age of 14 will receive a maximum of 132.08 euros and a minimum of 33.02 euros. Obviously, large families are favored by the scale. Thus, with 3 children, a family whose declared income is less than €75,913 per year will be able to receive up to €301.30 per month. Beyond 3 children, family allowances are increased by €169.22, per additional child.

Note that when a child reaches the age of 14, parents can receive a monthly increase in the month following the teenager’s birthday. This increase amounts to €66.04 for the first installment, €33.02 for the second and €16.51 for the third. Contrary to popular belief, benefits do not stop at 18. They are maintained until the age of 20, provided that the young adult still lives with his parents, and does not receive an income greater than €943.44.

What about joint custody?

As for separated families, whose children live in alternating residence, eligible for family allowances, the rule is that the allowances are divided between the parents, according to the expenses and financial resources of each. In effect, they can also designate the parent who will be the recipient of all benefits. Note that the website offers an online simulator to calculate the amount of your family allowances according to your personal situation. Now you have no more excuses. It’s your turn.